Adventure quest - 5 to 15 years 28th June 2024

A girl sitting on a chest with a boy standing looking at a rolled up map and a girl looking through a book.


28th June 2024 at 9:00am to 12:00pm


Flagstone State School Hall 1-45 Poinciana Drive, Flagstone



About this event

Are you the next Sherlock Holmes? Get ready for an epic adventure that will put your skills to the test. This activity is filled with exciting challenges and teamwork, all designed to ignite your problem-solving skills and awaken your inner leader.

Bookings: Australian School of Entrepreneurship
Webpage: Humanitix


Please note bookings open 9:00am, Monday 10 June. Providers cannot accept early registrations forms. To find out how to book, see KRANK - How to book.

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