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City of Logan Animal Care Strategy 2018-2022

The City of Logan adopted the Animal Care Strategy 2018-2022 (PDF 590 KB) (Strategy) 30 January 2018. The Strategy which encourages and promotes responsible pet ownership across the City, outlines the effective management of companion animals in collaboration with the community and key stakeholders to enhance the safety and wellbeing of our community and our pets.

Cat enclosure requirements & wandering cats

Preventing your cat from wandering is an important part of responsible pet ownership. Cats have a tendency to roam and this can cause nuisances such as fighting with other cats, menacing or killing birds and native animals, urinating and defecating in neighbours gardens and outdoor areas, mating and causing dogs to bark.

To help keep your cat safe our Animal Keeping Local Laws require that all cats be de-sexed and contained within the property boundary. This simply means they must be kept inside the house, in a purpose built cat enclosure or kept within your fence. Whether a cat should be kept outside, inside or a mix of both depends on the individual cat, its owner and lifestyle. Cats can happily live indoors and there are a variety of enclosures and specialised fencing options available to keep your cat safe outside and prevent it from climbing or jumping over your fence.

Take a look at our cat fencing and enclosure ideas booklet (PDF 2454 KB). Cat containment can be cheap and quick to achieve.

To report a wandering cat, contact council on 07 3412 3412. You will need to provide:

  • your name, address and phone number
  • a brief description of the cat; and
  • if possible, the address of the property where the cat lives.

If you don't know where the wandering cat lives, please contact us to discuss borrowing a trap. Customers wishing to report a cat wandering on their property can borrow a cat trap from Council. For Customers who have already borrowed a trap, any cats that are caught in the trap will be collected by the Animal Care Team. As there is a waiting list for cat traps a replacement trap will not be supplied to the Customer when the cat is collected - Customers will need to request another cat trap.

Important message for dog breeders

From 26 May 2017 new legislation takes effect which requires anyone who is breeding dogs and has puppies born on or after 26 May 2017 to register on the Queensland Dog Breeder Register at

Once registered you will be given a Supply Number which you will need to display when you sell or give away your puppies and this number must be shown when you advertise (in any form).

This new legislation endeavours to combat the growing number of unwanted, abandoned and stray dogs in the community and applies to ALL puppies, including accidental litters.

Failure to register for a Supply Number will result in hefty fines.

If you have a current Breeder Approval or Licence in the City of Logan, you do not need to register. Logan City Council will register on your behalf and your Approval or Licence number will become your Supply Number.

Residents also have the capacity to make a complaint about welfare concerns and unlawful puppy breeding.

Please visit to register or obtain further information including fact sheets about puppy breeding in Queensland.

Animal registration due 30 August

Pet owners will receive their animal registration renewal notices from 1 August. Registration fees are due for payment by 30 August each year. Prompt payment of your pets overdue registration fees is appreciated. If you have recently moved or are unsure that your details are up to date, email providing your:

  • full name
  • current address and phone numbers
  • email address
  • your pet/s name/s and registration tag number/s; and
  • don't forget to tell us if your pet has recently been de-sexed* or is no longer with you**.

* Registration fee discounts apply. ** Refund of registration fees may apply.

Registration fees

DescriptionAmount ($)
Entire Cat or Dog$153.50
Entire Kitten/Puppy (under 12 months of age)$36.00
Entire Cat or Dog - Pensioner$111.00
Desexed Cat or Dog$36.00

Desexed Cat or Dog - Pensioner


Full list of 2019/2020 registration fees and charges.

Animal keeping

Do you know the type and number of animals you can keep on your property? Logan City Council has Animal Keeping Local Laws. These cover such things as the number of cats, dogs, livestock or poultry you may keep based on the size of your property. Pet owners must also ensure their animals do not harm humans, the environment or cause nuisance at any time. Be sure to check what animals you can keep on your property using the links below or telephone 3412 5397 as restrictions apply and approvals may be required.