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Animal Keeping Local Laws

The laws protect responsible pet owners and provide processes for regulating irresponsible pet owners. Residents must ensure their animal keeping, (regardless of the animal), does not cause human or environmental harm or cause nuisance at any time.

To learn more about the local laws, refer to the following documents:

Key changes to local laws

Mandatory cat registration

Mandatory registration of cats was introduced by Logan City Council, 8 August 2014, by amendment of Local Law 4 (Animal Management) 2002 and Subordinate Local Law 4.1 (Animal Management) 2002.

Local Law 4 (Animal Management) 2002 and Subordinate Local Law 4.1 (Animal Management) stipulates that all cats over the age of three months that reside within Logan City must be registered. It is an offence not to register your cat/s.

Owners are reminded that cats must be contained within the property by way of an enclosure.

There are a variety of enclosures and specialised fencing options to keep cats enclosed. All properties within Logan are approved to house 2 desexed cats. Approval can be sought to house additional cats.

Application forms - Animal keeping

Code of Practice for Dog Breeders - Dogs Queensland/ Logan City Council

Animal keeping fact sheets

For information about each animal type please see fact sheets below:

Poultry keeping

More information on small scale poultry keeping is available on the Business Queensland website.

Bird keeping in Logan

Rules require the keepers of aviary birds to comply with the aviculture code of practice.

Cat keeping in Logan

Under Local Laws, it is mandatory for a cat to be registered and de-sexed, unless the owner is a registered breeder. It is also mandatory for owners to display their contact details on the cat's collar, and for the cat to be enclosed in a building or structure which prevents the cat from escaping the premises.

Enclosure requirements for dogs

A common element in most reported dog attacks is that the dog's owner failed to ensure their dog was adequately contained. Dog owners must take responsibility for the enclosure of their animals for the community's safety. The enclosure must prevent the dog from escaping over, under or through the barrier. Gates forming part of the enclosure must be closed at all times to prevent the dog from escaping.

Foster carers

Registered foster carers may keep up to nine cats or dogs (e.g. litters) for a determined length of time with Logan City Council approval. Foster carers must be registered with and recognised by Council. Logan City Council foster carers are required to obtain Council approval (but are exempt from approval fees).

Foster carers registered with other relevant agencies (RSPCA, AWL, Little Paws, Best Friends Rescue, etc) must obtain Logan City Council approval and abide by Logan City Council Subordinate Local Law 4.1.

Approval fees for foster carers with other relevant agencies will be determined by negotiation between Logan City Council and the agency.

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