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If you have found a cat or dog in Logan you can deliver the animal to Council's Animal Management Centre at 213 Queens Road, Kingston.

If you are unable to bring the animal to the Animal Management Centre, call 3412 5397 and we can arrange to have an officer collect the animal from you during business hours.
It is important that the animal is handed over to Council as:
  • Its owner may be visiting the Animal Management Centre on a daily basis looking for their pet
  • We can quickly reunite the animal with its owner if it is registered
  • We need to scan the animal to check for a microchip

After hours holding pens

Stray cats and dogs found outside of the Animal Management Centre's opening hours can be housed in one of Council's After Hours Holding Pens located at the Animal Management Centre.

These pens are checked mornings and afternoons on the weekend and every morning on week days. Cats and dogs held in the pens are kept at the Animal Management Centre for collection by their owners. The animal's details are listed on Council's Impounded Animals webpage.

Council's priority is to reunite wandering cats and dogs with their owners. If your pet is registered with Council and wearing it's registration tag and/or microchipped our chances of reuniting you with your animal increase significantly.

These pens are NOT suitable for sick or injured animals or wildlife.


If you find sick or injured wildlife, these animals should be referred to your local veterinary clinic or contact the RSPCA on 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625).

RSPCA Qld and Logan City Council have joined forces to launch the city's animal ambulance for sick, injured or orphaned wildlife in Logan. Primarily staffed by volunteers, the ambulance will operate 24 hours, 7 days a week and service the entire Logan area

For further information please refer to our Sick or Injured Wildlife webpage.