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If you are going away on holidays remember that your pet will need special attention while you're away. Many pet owners forget that their pets may fret whilst their owners are away for an extended period of time. This will often lead to animals behaving in an unusual manner, such as wandering, becoming irritated or aggressive. There is likely to be an increase in barking, howling or whining. Animals may also lose interest in eating or drinking, placing their health at risk.

Be prepared for the holidays

If you are going away ensure that pets are not left alone. Make sure that you:

  • Leave them with a responsible adult who understands your pet's needs
  • Book your pets into a boarding facility that has the resources to properly care for them
  • Take them with you (ensuring that they may stay at your destination)
  • Ensure that your animal is identifiable by a collar, tags and microchip
  • Register your animal with your local Council and ensure that all your contact details are accurate
  • Update your microchip records with the agency every time you change address or phone number

Accurate information will enable Council officers to contact you should your pet be picked up wandering.

Pets and new visitors or children

During this time of year you may have visitors that your pets are not familiar with, particularly children. Remember your responsibilities to your visitors and pets. When visitors call, be sure to provide a secure enclosure to keep your pet contained safely. This will make both your visitors and your pet feel more comfortable and prevent any possible mishaps.

You should always supervise child and animal interactions. Ensure that you teach both your dog and children how to interact appropriately and be polite. Make sure children interact with your dog the same way that you would want them to interact with you. Just because a dog has tolerated the behaviour in the past, doesn't mean it will have an endless fuse and its eventual retaliation can have severe consequences.