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Hey guys! My name’s Hercules and im a Staffordshire bull terrier. I’m an 8 month old baby boy who’s as gentle as they come with a side of “full of beans”!
Oh boy do I have some energy to use up! You know what though, you don’t even need to stress because see that ball right behind me… I just used it to play fetch with MYSELF for half an hour and it was the best time EVER!! It may look like your everyday run-of-the-mill kind of ball but guess what!? It has a SQUEAKER!!!! How good is that!?… And how much fun is playing!? You know what else is fun? Learning! I can’t wait to show you how smart I am and how willing I am to learn new tricks! My friends here at the Animal Management Centre have already been giving me some really great tips. I’ve learnt how to sit and am learning how to walk gently on the lead. Sometimes I get excited but how can you not!? There’s so many new things out there for me to see and smell and play with… I can’t wait to have a special human friend of my own to explore the world with!

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Manager's choice

Garfield-webManager's choice – Just $221

Name: Bentley

Breed: Mastiff mix

Sex: Male

Age: 3 years