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P8035452 Hi, my name is Mr Big and I’m a Great Dane.  I’m a 1 year old boy who’s as gentle as a giant could possibly be.
Being just a young chap, I’ve got lots of strength and energy and am eager to do plenty of exploring. I really need a family who will spend time with me teaching me how to be loved and how dogs are supposed to be taken care of (as a part of a family) - I’m already very good at picking up a toy and playing by myself.  I’ve had a whole year of living that you’ll never quite have all the answers about, so I’ll need extra love and patience when I’m settling into my new home. Another thing you should know- I’m still growing! Don’t let my size scare you away though, on the inside I’m a small young man looking for a big hearted human with a lot of love to give. I’m so grateful for people like you offering second chance to all my rescued friends near and far!

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Manager's choice

Garfield-webManager's choice – Just $210

Name: Sarge

Breed: Neopolitan Mastiff

Sex: Male

Age: 1 year