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Hi, my name is Zeus and I'm a 1 year old Mastiff.  I am an energetic boy with a handsome stride and a big heart to go with my big, strong body.
Those small dogs really have the life don’t they? They can sit on kid’s laps, adult’s laps, they can just about fit anywhere really. Why should I have to miss out? Just because I was born so big and strong… Maybe I would love to be little… Maybe I would love to sit on your lap too. If you sit on the ground and let me, you’ll barely even notice I’m there I promise. You’ll probably feel so loved that you won’t even notice your legs going dead! Hehe… but if for any reason I can’t be your lap dog, I’d be just as eager to sit and cuddle and I’ll even find my own space on the ground next to you, anything to make you happy. They say if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree it will spend its life believing that it is stupid. Now I can’t climb trees and I'm probably not the best swimmer compared to any fish. I’m no good at fetch and I’m not overly interested in toys. I am however, a true champion in the love department. You’ll never know a love quite like mine and I can only hope to love you and be loved by you for the rest of my life.

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Manager's choice

Garfield-webManager's choice – Just $221

Name: Nelly

Breed: Mixed breed

Sex: female

Age: 6 months