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Connecting Our Communities: Yarrabilba & Logan Village

Connecting our communities – Yarrabilba and Logan Village provides an opportunity to inject arts, culture and heritage into a new community and make connections to the existing skills and knowledge in an established one. Yarrabiliba is a rapidly growing new community, and Logan Village is the City of Logan's oldest town, renowned for its heritage and civic pride.

Connecting our communities will:

  • provide artist-led workshops, activities and events to draw communities together
  • increase skills base, networking and collaborative opportunities in both communities
  • engage new residents and established communities by providing access to resources and information, facilitating creative events and activities, and building and sharing on existing skills
  • support the creative industry by providing funding, accessible spaces and audiences for arts practices relevant to the two communities
  • extend the reach and promotion of Council’s existing programs (eg. Krank, First 5 Forever) to new and established audiences
  • maximise the use of social media and promote the activities through community networks
  • connect people with events, activities and each other, thereby increasing social cohesion
  • be delivered during April 2017.

Through engagement with and participation in arts activities, the wellbeing of our two communities of Yarrabilba and Logan Village will be improved, and cultural tourism will increase.

Connecting our communities is supported by the Regional Arts Development Fund, a partnership between the Queensland Government and Logan City Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.