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Council Owned Land

The Corporate Property Program provides advice and guidance on land tenure and property matters across Council, specifically those matters involving residential rental property leasing, commercial leasing along with property matters including the acquisition of land and the compulsory resumption of land.

The program strives to achieve best value for Council ensuring the public and Council's interests are always at the forefront of their dealings.

Residential Rentals

Council owned residential sites are acquired by Council for environmental, park, strategic purposes, future community development, etc. Until such time that the site is ready for its future purpose Corporate Property manages this small number properties and offers them under a Tenancy Agreement.

Any dwelling property that becomes vacant and available for rent shall be initially advertised internally.  If there is no interest registered internally then external advertising will be considered.

Council's residential rental properties are managed in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Authority General Tenancy Agreement which complies with statutory provisions of the Residential Tenancies & Rooming Accommodation Act 2008.

For further information please call one of our Assistant Property Officers on 3412 4942 or email