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Sport and Recreation Planning

Council's Sport and Recreation team aims to plan, develop and connect to achieve a healthy Logan through sport and recreation. To help achieve this aim, some key projects are currently being undertaken.

If you have any questions or would like more information on any of the projects, please contact Council's Sport and Recreation Program on 3412 3412 or email

Active Logan Strategy 2016 - 2028

On 15 November 2016, Council endorsed the Active Logan Strategy 2016 - 2028.

The Active Logan Strategy 2016-2028 sets a 12-year vision for the future of sport, recreation and physical activity across the City. The Strategy identifies key projects to enhance infrastructure, programs and partnership opportunities that will increase the community’s physical activity levels.

To view the Active Logan Strategy 2016-2028 please view the link below:

For more information on the Active Logan Strategy 2016 please contact Council's Sport and Recreation Program on 3412 3412 or email

Active Logan Participation Study 2018

The City of Logan is committed to providing opportunities for physical activity and active living for all. By asking you about your physical activity experiences, interests and opinions, Council will be able to see what facilities and programs need to be provided to meet your needs.

This research is done in partnership with Griffith University and Q&A Market Research has been contracted to deliver the survey between 29 October and 25 November 2018.

*The phone survey was not recorded.

What's happening now?

Surveys are now closed but we are collating the responses and analysing the data. Findings will be made public in 2019.

Logan Sporting Facilities Development Plan

Council is currently preparing a sporting facility development plan for 17 key sports that will assist in planning and developing sporting facilties that are functional and cost effectiove. There is the ability to include other sports into these guidelines in the future but currently the sports include:

  • Athletics
  • Australian Rules football
  • Baseball
  • Cricket
  • Cycling – BMX
  • Cycling – Criterium / Velodrome
  • Cycling – Mountain Biking
  • Equestrian
  • Football (soccer)
  • Gridiron
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Softball
  • Tennis
  • Touch Football

Guidelines pertaining to all areas within sporting facilities have been included in the Plan, with particular focus on the clubhouse, playing areas, car parking, signage and other ancillary infrastructure located in the surrounding areas.

Recreation Trails Strategy 2010- 2020

Trails provide a wide range of benefits to the community including social and physical health, economic, environmental and cultural benefits.Trails are used for many recreational pruposes including walking, off-road cycling, horse riding and paddling. Council's Recreation Trails Strategy aims to deliver a range of trail projects across the City.

Active Logan Participation Study 2015

In November 2015, Council's Sport and Recreation Planning team initiated a demand study to understand participation rates and barriers to participation in sport, recreation and physical activity in the City of Logan. This demand study is known as the Active Logan Participation Study.

Overall, Council received 979 responses to the study which reports important information about:

  • Logan residents' activity levels, including their participation in organised sport or informal activities like weekend bike rides
  • Logan residents' views about what would support them to be more active

These findings allow Council to:

  • Measure and compare Logan's physical activity rates against the rest of Queensland and Australia
  • Further develop and finalise the Active Logan Strategy 2016

Council has created an Executive Summary of the Active Logan Participation Study. To view the findings, please download the Executive Summary below:

In addition, Council has created a set of fact sheets and infographics to share the more detailed findings of the study. Council encourages residents and interested parties to view and share the findings by clicking on the links below.



Sporting activities

2018 Master Plans

Council endorsed five sports Master Plans on 17 April 2018. Each Master Plan is a vision of the future intent of each park, providing a long-term concept for the anticipated future needs of the community. It is expected that these plans will be developed in stages over the next 10 - 20 years.

Cronulla Park, Slacks Creek

The key elements of the Master Plan include:

  • A main building including a PCYC, allied health, wellness facilities and a possible Centre of Excellence for Women’s Sport
  • Two (2) AFL fields including a clubhouse
  • A recreation park including picnic shelters, fitness equipment, half court, pathways/bikeway, multi-activity space, seating, shading and toilet facilities
  • Car parking and
  • Secondary access to the site through Cronulla Court and investigations of future access opportunities.

Cronulla Park Final Master Plan (PDF 5827 KB)

Cronulla Park Master Plan Summary Document (PDF 3417 KB)

Dauth Park Precinct, Beenleigh

The key elements of the Master Plan include:

  • Retention of existing user groups
  • Expansion onto the Beenleigh State High School land
  • Separation of user groups to purpose built facilities (on site)
  • Expansion opportunities for the PCYC
  • New recreation play area
  • Increased car parking
  • Improved wayfinding
  • Improved pedestrian and cycle opportunities to and within the site and
  • Improved aesthetics to the open stormwater drainage south of Beenleigh Aquatic Centre.

Dauth Park Precinct Final Master Plan (PDF 1468 KB)

Dauth Park Master Plan Summary Document (PDF 3860 KB)

Lowe Oval, Underwood

The key elements of the Master Plan include:

  • Relocation of the AFL club from the site to an alternate site
  • Improvements to the aquatic centre
  • The redevelopment of new main Logan North Aquatic and Fitness Centre building
  • The staged development of a recreation park (current AFL oval)
  • The development of a central plaza connecting major zones including the library, aquatic centre and recreation park and
  • Car parking and access improvements.

Lowe Oval Final Master Plan (PDF 12534 KB)

Lowe Oval Master Plan Summary Document (PDF 5187 KB)

Rosia Park, Park Ridge

The key elements of the Master Plan include:

  • An AFL regional facility with two full size ovals and a clubhouse
  • A cycling precinct with a criterium track, banked track, pump track, trials area
  • Skate bowl
  • A nature play area with amenities and picnic facilities
  • 5 km of recreation trails
  • Pedestrian and bicycle access and sufficient car parking
  • Water sensitive urban design with the provision of a bio-detention basin
  • Protection of the biodiversity corridor
  • Fire management.

Rosia Park Final Master Plan (PDF 2943 KB)

Rosia Park Master Plan Summary Document (PDF 4597 KB)

Waterford West District Sports Park, Waterford

The key elements of the Master Plan include:

  • A diverse mix of active spaces are provided for various fitness levels and demographics including water play area, recreation hub with café, table tennis and equipment hire, adventure play area, pump track, kick and throw area (with stage), running loop, outdoor gym/fitness hub and sport area with multipurpose courts
  • Connection with the schools and
  • Retain significant vegetation.

Waterford West District Sports Park Final Master Plan (PDF 3425 KB)

Waterford West District Sports Park Master Plan Summary Document (PDF 3612 KB)

Current facility development projects

Council's Sport and Recreation team are currently working on supporting the delivery of the following key projects: