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Facility Management

More than 200 Council owned or supported facilities are currently being used by not-for-profit sport, recreation and community organisations. These opportunities are provided so that a range of activities and programs can be offered to help benefit the community.

To help to continue to offer great programs at these facilities, Council has provided a range of tools to assist in ongoing management and maintenance of these facilities.


In accordance with the Licence or Lease of Council Owned or Controlled Land to Sporting, Recreational and Community Organisations policy, Council is responsible for providing building insurance to cover all sport, recreation and community facilities (including all approved buildings and site improvements, i.e. sheds and lights).

To lodge an insurance claim through Council, please click on the link below.

Please note that requests must be submitted within 10 days of the insurable event occurring. Council will then review the claim which may take approximately 14 days.

Landowners consent application

Council is committed to supporting clubs/organisations to grow and develop our sport, recreation and community facilities in the city. In accordance with the terms of your club/organisation's Lease with Council, consent from Council (as landlord) is required prior to the club/organisation undertaking any works on the premises.

To lodge a landowners consent application through Council, please click on the link below.

On receipt of the completed application, the Sport, Leisure & Facilities Branch will consult with a number of internal stakeholders regarding your proposed project. Please note this process may take up to 8 weeks. Please take this into consideration when applying for external funding for a project.

Statutory maintenance

Council is responsible for statutory maintenance for all sport, recreation and community facilities. The intention of Council in undertaking statutory maintenance is to ensure the wellbeing and safety of members and visitors when they are at Council owned sport and recreation facilities.

Statutory maintenance refers to planned maintenance that is compulsory to meet legal requirements. The services that Council provides as part of Statutory Maintenance include fire, electrical (RCD), asbestos, grease traps/trade waste, lifts, Reduced Pressure Zone Device (backflow device), Home Sewerage Treatment Plant (HSTP)/Sewer Holding Tanks/Septic Tanks.

Council has prepared an easy-to-navigate guide to assist organisations in understanding what is involved in Statutory Maintenance at leased facilities.

Facility Management Register

Sport and Recreation is integral to people's daily life and they rely on quality sport and recreation facilities to help them to continue their healthy and active lifestyles.

Logan City Council is fortunate to have a large number of quality sport and recreation facilities that are a key feature of our successful sport and recreation industry.

The community expects facilities to be safe and well maintained, that reflect value for money and a reason to keep coming back.

It is vital that anyone who is responsible for the management and maintenance of a sport and recreation facility has a Facility Management Plan in place.

The Sport and Recreation Team have developed this Facility Management Register as a starting point for clubs to develop a
Facility Management Plan.

It is a reference tool that will become an important part of your facility management and when applied, it is hoped will reflect your clubs desire to achieve good corporate governance.

Sponsorship Signage Factsheet

To ensure the consistent management of sponsorship signage on Council owned or controlled land the following guidelines have been developed for sport, recreation and community organisations, to use as a reference when selecting the size, position and content of any future sponsorship signs.

Sporting Facility Design Suite

This set of resources support sporting facility development with guidelines, layouts and an online planning application.

Please refer to the Sports Facility Planning folder where you will find:

The online Sports Site Plan tool will help you prepare a site plan for a new or existing sporting facility by placing and orientating items on the map (e.g. playing fields, spectator facilities, clubrooms, parking areas, lights, sheds etc.).    Google Chrome is the recommended browser to use with this tool.