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Leasing is about assisting, encouraging and developing partnerships through the provision of tenure for land and facilities to not-for-profit sport, recreation and community organisations.

These tools aim to guide and assist you in managing your lease or registering your interest in leasing a Council facility.

For more information about leasing, contact the Sport and Recreation team on 3412 3412.

Current tenants

Renewal of lease or license

Organisations seeking to renew their lease agreement with Council must complete an application form and provide the required paperwork.

Please complete the Application to Renew Lease of a Council Facility (PDF 2855 KB) form prior to your lease expiry date.

Further information

For further information, please refer to Council’s Guide to Sport, Recreation and Community Leasing in Logan City (PDF 172 KB).

Prospective tenants

Council has facilities that can be leased to not-for-profit organisations for the purpose of delivering a range of activities and programs across Logan.


To be eligible to obtain a lease or license for a Council facility, your organisation must:

  • be an incorporated association or equivalent
  • be a not-for-profit community-based organisation
  • maintain $20 million public liability insurance
  • be able to show how it would meet the financial obligations of a lease or license

Register of Interested Organisations

Council regularly receives requests from sport, recreation and community organisations for assistance in allocation of facilities. Given the high demand for a lease of Council facilities, Council’s Sport, Leisure & Facilities Branch maintains a Register of Interested Organisations.

Inclusion in the Register of Interested Organisations means that your organisation will receive notification as and when Council facilities become available for lease.

To be placed on Council’s Register of Interested Organisations, please register your Expression of Interest by completing an application form (PDF 3158 KB) or contacting Council on 3412 3412.

Further information

For further information, please refer to Council's Guide to Sport, Recreation and Community Leasing in Logan City (PDF 435 KB).

Expressions of interest

As Council facilities become available, Council’s Sport, Leisure & Facilities Branch undertakes an Expression of Interest (EOI) process which is used to invite, identify and appoint suitable lessees to Council facilities.

There are currently no Expressions of Interest (EOI) available.

Leasing resources

Leasing fact sheets

Please see below for a list of quick links to fact sheets covering a variety of areas relating to sport, recreation and community leasing in Logan.

Club resources

Related links


Organisations wanting to sublease to a third party must obtain prior written consent from Council.

Please complete the Application for consent to Sub-Lease (PDF 3240 KB) form before entering into any agreement with a third party.

Please allow a minimum of 20 business days for Council to review your application.