Facility management

Over 200 of our facilities are used by not-for-profit sport, recreation and community organisations. These organisations offer a range of activities and programs that help benefit the community.

The following tools can help organisations manage and maintain facilities.

Insurance cover

We are responsible for providing building insurance to cover our sport, recreation and community facilities. This insurance includes all approved buildings and site improvements such as sheds and lights.

To lodge an insurance claim submit the insurance claim for a leased facility application form.

Your application must be sent to us within 10 days of the insurable event occurring. Please allow 14 days for us to review your claim.

Improvements and works

We are committed to developing our sport, recreation and community facilities.

If you intend to start improvements or works on the premises you need approval from our Sport, Leisure and Facilities branch – the landowner.

To apply, submit a landowners consent for improvements to a leased facility form.

You should allow eight weeks for us to review your application. Please take this into consideration when applying for funding for a project.

Statutory maintenance

Statutory maintenance is planned maintenance that is compulsory to meet legal requirements.

We are responsible for statutory maintenance for all sport, recreation and community facilities.

The services that we offer as part of statutory maintenance include but are not limited to:

  • fire
  • electrical (residual-current device)
  • asbestos
  • grease traps and trade waste
  • lifts
  • reduced pressure zone device (backflow device)
  • home sewerage treatment plant (HSTP), sewage holding tanks and septic tanks.

For more information see our guide to statutory maintenance at Council-leased sport and recreation facilities (PDF 339 KB).

Facility management register

To provide quality sport and recreation facilities we need to keep them safe and well maintained.

If you are responsible for the management and maintenance of a facility you must have a facility management plan.

Use our facility management register (PDF 349 KB) to help your club develop a facility management plan. 

Sponsorship signage

We aim to have consistent signage at our facilities. 

Use our sponsorship signage fact sheet (PDF 618 KB) to help you choose the size, position and content of sponsorship signs.

Sporting facility design suite

You can use our PD Hub - sports site plan tool to help you prepare a site plan for a new or existing sporting facility. You can place the facilities on the map, including playing fields, spectator facilities, clubrooms, parking areas, lights and sheds. Please note that the PD Hub works best using Google Chrome.

Our sports facility planning page provides guidelines about:

  • site consideration
  • clubhouse and car park guidelines and layouts
  • sports play area guidelines and layouts (for 14 different sports)
  • sheds, bench and light layouts.

For more information about sports fields and court layouts call us on 07 3412 3412 or email council@logan.qld.gov.au