FAQS for Residents

What does administration mean for me as a resident?

During the administration period, all our services will continue to operate efficiently and on time. Rubbish bins will continue to be collected, parks will continue to be maintained and all other services will continue as usual.

What if I have a complaint or issue to raise?

You can lodge complaints or suggestions in the usual way:

I have an existing complaint/issue lodged with my previous councillor. Who do I talk to about this now?

Any issues you raised with the previous elected representatives would have been lodged with us for action. If this is not the case, please raise your issues using one of the following methods:

Will customer service centres still operate?

All our customer service centres will operate as usual. Details of where our customer service centres are located and hours of operation are on the Contact us page of our website.

Can I still attend Council meetings?

There will still be regular Council meetings and you can attend them as usual. Please refer to the Meetings page on our website for further details.

How long will Council be in administration?

The Interim Administrator will remain until the election of new councillors for Logan City Council. The next election will be in March 2020.