Gentle movement

These classes give you the opportunity to get your body moving. Improve your health and fitness without breaking a sweat.

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Mat Pilates, Gentle Yoga & Pilates with Pets

Wellwood Health New classes will be uploaded weekly. Wellwood Health videos

Pilates for Parkinson's & MS

Wellwood Health This class is for those living with neurological diseases like Parkinson's and MS. It will help with flexibility, balance, coordination, breathing and stress relief. New classes will be uploaded weekly. This activity is funded by the Move it Logan program and Sport Australia. Pilates for Parkinson's and MS
Free online yoga For the Folk Yoga & Wellness Get active and healthy with our free yoga session to help calm your mind and strengthen your body. Free yoga with Live Well Logan! - YouTube
Gentle Exercise inSports Health and Fitness Join this gentle workout session from the inSports team.   Gentle Workout

Ballet class for seniors

Queensland Ballet Enjoy this ballet class designed for seniors. Ballet class for seniors

Seated dance exercises for Parkinson's

Queensland Ballet Enjoy this class designed for those living with Parkinson's. Seated dance exercises for Parkinson's
Easy at home workout you can do while watching TV NorthHab Physio and Fitness

Get moving with these quick and easy exercises you can do from your lounge room.

NorthHab Physio and Fitness
15 minute Qigong - gentle stretching exercises Qigong with Kseny

This Qigong routine is designed to gently activate the muscles, warm up the joints, promote blood circulation and bring more energy into the body.

15 minute Qigong 
Move more with Multiple Sclerosis MS Society

Follow along with this introduction and gentle warm up exercises. 

Move more with MS
Tai Chi Kriss Brooks

Learn the basic moves of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi - The Basics
Low impact aerobics Seniors Life Network Follow along with this low impact aerobics class.  Low impact aerobics
Gentle home exercise program NorthHab Physio and Fitness

Follow along with this gentle home exercise program.

Gentle home exercise program
Yoga for teens Yoga With Adriene This yoga practice is designed for teens but will benefit for all ages. Yoga for teens
Core & Ab Pilates Home Workout Sarah's Day This fast-paced fun pilates workout focusses on strengthening the abdominal muscles. Core & Ab Pilates Home Workout
Yoga Live Life Get Active This yoga session runs for around 40 minutes with a warm-up and warm-down included.   Full Yoga session
Beginner Pilates inSports Health & Fitness

Join inSports' Exercise Physiologist and Fitness Leader Alecia for her beginner at home Pilates session.

This workout targets core strength, pelvic alignment, mobility and strengthening exercises in the great outdoors.   

Pilates for beginners
Home workouts for seniors The Body Coach TV These fun gentle exercise routines for seniors can be done at home with minimal space required.     Home workouts for seniors
5 minute full-body stretch and mindfullness session fabulous50s  Originally created for women over 50 to increase flexibility and mobility, anyone can join this 5 minute full-body stretch and mindfulness session. This session is suitable for all levels of fitness.    
5 minute fullbody stretch for women over 50
Tai Chi   Logan Tai Chi for Health Follow along at home with this Tai Chi class Tai Chi Class
Lower Body Strength Program NorthHab Physio and Fitness Follow along with this 10 minute class designed to improve your lower body strength.    Lower Body Strength Program
Upper Body Strength Workout NorthHab Physio and Fitness This short upper body strength workout can be completed with minimal equipment at home. At Home Upper Body Strength
10 Minute Yoga Yoga with Kassandra This 10 minute full body yoga flow for beginners will help you reach your flexibility goals. 10 min Flexibility Full Body Yoga Flow
Yoga Burn Lockdown Challenge Yoga Burn Watch these live workouts and yoga practices with Zoe! Try different styles of yoga, fun workouts, and exercises you  YOGA BURN - LockDOWN Challenge | Facebook
Vin Yin Yoga with Sound Bowls Inna Essence

A beautiful one hour yoga class where you are guided through gentle postures to awaken the body with Marilyn.  

This class stretches and targets both the deep connective tissues between the muscles, and the fascia throughout the body.

The aim is to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility as the postures stretch and exercise the bone and joints. It also helps to regulate the body’s flow of energy.    

Vini Yin Yoga with Sounds Bowls
Pilates Barre with a Ball Inna Essence

A tiny ball has never felt so heavy! Grab a Pilates ball or one of your kids' balls and join in this challenging cardio session; blending together Pilates exercises and Ballet inspired movement for a great lower body workout!     

Barre with Ball w Melinda video
Mat Pilates for your Pelvic Floor   Inna Essence Suitable for 1st & 2nd trimester pre-natal and post-natal women; a gentle Pilates class that focuses on strengthening and activating your pelvic floor safely.  Pelvic Floor Session