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Community Development Funding

To support initiatives that respond to community priorities and add to the social and community development of the city.

Grants include:

  • Community Project Grants
  • Community Response Grants

Up to $10,000 (limit varies depending on grant).

Funding is always open.

Community Development Funding

Community Events Funding

To support community-led events that celebrate Logan’s vibrancy and community spirit.

Grants include:

  • Small Event Grants
  • Event Sponsorship Funding

Up to $20,000 (limit varies depending on grant).

Funding is open monthly.

Community Events Funding


To support projects that enhance and protect the natural environment and encourage environmentally sustainable practices.

Categories include:

  • Environmental Partnerships and Capacity Building
  • On-ground Ecosystem Restoration
  • Environmental Surveys and Research
  • Environmental Education
  • Individual Wildlife Carer Support

Up to $10,000 (limit varies depending on grant)

Funding opens in February each year.


Investment Attraction Incentives Fund

To attract investment in key strategic industries to stimulate significant economic and community benefits.

Varies depending on the application.

Funding is always open.

Incentives - LOED

Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF)

To support the development of arts, culture and heritage in Logan. Categories include:

  • Skills development
  • Cultural tourism / creative projects
  • Regional partnerships
  • Strategic initiatives (Council only applications).

Up to $8,000

Funding opens in February and October each year.

Regional Arts Development Fund

Sport and Recreation Funding

To support the health and wellbeing of the Logan community through participation in sports and recreation.

Grants include:

  • Active people - travel assistance
  • Active Spaces – facility maintenance
Applications open on the first working day of the month and close on the last working day of the month. Sport and Recreation Funding

Community Benefit Fund

A limited pool of Councillor discretionary funding. It is available to meet requests for financial help from eligible community organisations.

Suitable for requests that are not eligible for funding under another Council grant program.

Closes 10 December 2023 (or when expended) Community Benefit Fund

Grant Writer Program

To help community organisations source funding from non-Council grants with support from a professional grant writer.

Applications must be made at least 6 weeks before the applicable external grant program round closes. Grant Writer Program


See the individual grant webpages and guidelines for detailed funding limits for each grant.

Under the Local Government Regulation 2012, Councillors must not allocate the councillor’s discretionary funds starting on 1 January in the year a quadrennial election must be held.

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Other funding opportunities

If you can’t find a Council grant that meets your needs, you can search for other funding opportunities by visiting:

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If you are still unsure which grant may best suit you, we can provide advice on suitable grants and the application process. Please contact our Community Grants team on 07 3412 4033 or

If you want advice or help in relation to a specific grant, please phone or email using the contact details listed for that grant.