Grant writing assistance

Quick guide to SmartyGrants

To provide an easy way for applicants to submit applications online, we use the SmartyGrants system.

SmartyGrants allows you to:

  • create your own login to access any grants you’re working on
  • create and save your draft application and continue at any time
  • upload documents
  • provide end-of-project reporting if needed
  • be certain that we’ve received your application when you submit it.

If you are representing an organisation, SmartyGrants also allows you to create an organisational login so other staff members can access grant information as required.

For more information about how to register, log-in and complete applications, please visit SmartyGrants – help guide for applicants.

Grant Writer Program

To support community organisations we offer grant writing support when applying for non-Council grants.

Suitable for not-for-profit, incorporated sport, recreation and community organisations. This program helps organisations to source funding with support from a professional grant writer. They can work with you to provide skills, knowledge and experience to help you with future grant submissions.

The Grant Writer program is currently closed for applications. For enquiries please contact our Community Grants team on 3412 3412 or