Guide to completing the funding request form

Applicant Details

Before you complete the form, you should make sure that the Community Benefit Fund (CBF) is the best grant to apply for.

Councillors have a limited budget for CBF, so you should check first to see if your request would be better suited to another Council grant. For a list of the grants we offer, please see Grants.

Logan City is divided into 12 divisions, each with a number of suburbs (or parts of suburbs). Select the division that your community organisation is based in and, if relevant, other divisions you propose would benefit from the project or activity. If you are not sure which division to select, please see Divisions.  

Name of organisation, Australian Business Number (ABN), street address, postal address and contact information.

Please make sure you provide all contact details for your community organisation. 

The 'Name of contact person' must be a person authorised to sign documents on behalf of the community organisation.

Eligible group types

Select the group type that describes your community organisation.

You can refer to the Community Benefit Fund policy which details eligible and ineligible applicants. We will only consider requests received from eligible applicants.

Description of the Funding Request

'Community Purpose' category.

CBF is available for projects or activities that meet one of the 'community purpose' categories listed in this section.

Select the community purpose category that is relevant to your funding request. 

Only projects or activities that meet one of the listed 'community purpose' categories are eligible for CBF.

Description of funding request.

You must give us a detailed description of the project or activity and how the funds would be spent. For example, if the request relates to holding a community event, you should detail exactly which components of the event would be funded using CBF.

You can refer to the Community Benefit Fund policy which details projects and activities that are ineligible for funding, e.g. payment of ongoing operational expenses including insurances, rent, electricity bills and wages.

As well as providing a description of the project or activity and how the funds would be spent, you must also identify:

  • the group(s) in the Logan community that would benefit from the project or activity
  • how the identified group(s) would benefit, and
  • how your proposed project or activity meets the selected 'community purpose' category.

You must supply supporting information with your request form. At a minimum you must provide:

  • a quote or project / works costs estimation
  • evidence of your community organisation's not-for-profit status (for registered not-for-profit organisations), and 
  • financial viability (latest audited financial statement or general purpose financial statement if the organisation has an ABN or is incorporated).

You should also include any other documents that will help us assess your request, e.g. letters of support, breakdown of income and expenditure for events.

Please enter the date the funds would be spent, if approved. We use this date to determine your acquittal obligations. If approved you would need to acquit the funding within eight weeks of this date. To acquit the funding, you need to complete an evaluation form and produce receipts or bank statements verifying the expenditure. You must return funds not fully acquitted by this date or formal debt collection would commence and you would be not be eligible for further funding from Council.

Please enter the amount of funding you are requesting towards the project or activity. If approved, the funding amount you receive may be different to the amount you requested. 

Previous Funding and Funding Eligibility

Previous Council funding received / current funding applications.

Please provide details of any grants or subsidies your community organisation has received from Council in the past 12 months and / or details of any other grant or subsidy requests your community organisation is currently preparing for Council.

Funding eligibility

Select the check boxes in this section to confirm you have met each eligibility criteria.

Applicants must meet all the eligibility criteria listed in this section. We will only consider requests that meet all the eligibility criteria.

Privacy and Authorisation

Before submitting this form, please:

  • read this section, along with the Privacy Collection Notice on the first page of the request form, and
  • make sure the person submitting the form is authorised by the community organisation. If the person submitting the form not an authorised person, please provide authorisation from the community organisation. 


Before submitting, please check:

•    your request form is complete, and  
•    you have attached required supporting documents. 

You must submit your request at least 10 business days before to the project or activity is undertaken.

You should read this guide with the Community Benefit Fund policy and Community Benefit Fund procedure.