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19-25 November is Asbestos Awareness Week. This is an initiative of the Queensland Government Office of Industrial Relations. ... Asbestos Awareness Week aims to alert the community about the dangers of working with asbestos during home renovations…

Asbestos Disposal

Council's weighbridge staff have been given very broad directions on types of material that could contain asbestos. If there is any doubt, the material will be regarded as if it ... Asbestos must have been wetted down and at least double wrapped …

Court orders residential asbestos clean up

A homeowner, unaware that their roofing was asbestos sheeting, used a high pressure water sprayer to clean their roof prior to painting. ... This dislodged asbestos fibres, which contaminated the dwelling, driveway, lawn and gardens of the property…

Waste & Recycling

Council provides many waste related services including household waste collection, commercial waste collection, kerbside collection and recycling services

Noise, Nuisances & Pollution

Information on abandoned vehicles, dangerous trees, unsightly premises, and residential nuisances

9.30pm update: Logan flood

Published: 1 April 2017. The Logan River at Waterford is currently maintaining a peak of 10.3 metres. A peak is expected at Eagleby during the night. River levels are falling in the Albert River. The latest stream level information is available on…

Update 9.30pm - Latest flood recovery information

Published: 2 April 2017. The Logan flood emergency is nearing an end and the Logan City Council's focus is now shifting to the city’s recovery. On the ground assessments have confirmed 83 houses in the Albert River catchment were inundated in…

Update 6am 2 April - As the water recedes

Published: 2 April 2017. Flood waters will recede in most areas of Logan today. The latest stream level information is available on the Bureau of Meteorology website at Approximately…


Contact information for different authorities is available depending on the source of the noise

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