Community policies

Policy Policy objective
Temporary use of City Administration Centre Precinct (PDF 129 KB) To make sure appropriate conditions are applied when approvals or refusals are granted for applications to use parklands and car parks surrounding the City Administration Centre to hold temporary events or functions run by individuals or organisations other than Council.
Administration of complaints on unlawful election signs (PDF 119 KB) To outline the procedure to  follow when responding to complaints about election signs
Animal management - surrendered and unclaimed animals - sale auction, rehoming, transfer to welfare agencies or other disposal (PDF 140 KB) Guidelines for the sale, auction, re-homing, transfer to welfare agencies or other disposal of surrendered and unclaimed impounded animals.
Animal management - unidentified impounded cats and dogs registration and microchipping (PDF 133 KB) To make sure that all impounded animals are registered and microchipped when they are claimed.  To penalise owners whose animals are repeatedly impounded.
Community benefit fund (PDF 221 KB) To guide the allocation of money from the Community Benefit Fund.
Community engagement (PDF 146 KB) Guidelines to follow when conducting community engagement activities.
Community gardens policy (PDF 128 KB) Process for how we will assess requests for community gardens on land that we own.
Community service obligations (PDF 125 KB) To establish a framework for the administration of community service obligations.
Complimentary rodent bait distribution (PDF 118 KB) The process for providing free rodent bait to residents and collecting information about rodent infestations.
Cultural development (PDF 140 KB) To outline the principles to guide integration of cultural development into Logan City Council processes, procedures and activities.
Cultural diversity (PDF 131 KB) To provide a framework by which Council will be inclusive,
equitable and culturally sensitive in its service development
and delivery to people of culturally and linguistically diverse
backgrounds in Logan City, including descendants of people
born overseas and Aboriginal people and Torres Strait
Islander people. Council will do this through positive
community relations and symbolic gestures.
Disaster management (PDF 132 KB) To  establish a management process and organisational framework for undertaking the emergency and disaster management responsibilities and activities
Emergency accommodation (PDF 146 KB) This policy outlines when a temporary shelter can be given to people who cannot stay in their homes due to damage from storms, flood, earthquake or bush fires.
Grant writer program (PDF 147 KB) The procedure for organisations and individuals applying for the Grant Writer Program.
Grants to community organisations (PDF 225 KB) Guidelines on giving grants and subsidies to community organisations and individuals
Honorary and recognition initiatives (PDF 151 KB) Guidelines on honorary and recognition initiatives
Internet public access (PDF 138 KB) Policy for offering public access to the internet at our libraries
Library Collection development (PDF 162 KB) To establish guidelines for the development, selection and management of library resources.
Logan Art Gallery exhibitions (PDF 123 KB) To exhibit works of art which celebrate and explore the diversity of Australian visual culture. To promote public awareness and access to the work of local, state and national artists.
Logan Central cenotaph memorial plaques (PDF 119 KB) To commemorate the memory of those who served their country in conflicts overseas.
Public art and design (PDF 168 KB) To establish principles and mechanisms that will guide the development of public art and design projects and support the Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy
Red imported fire ants.pdf (PDF 141 KB) To meet our General Biosecurity obligations, maintain the amenity and public safety of roads, reserves, parks, sporting fields, footpaths and nature strips in the city and to promote residents' safety on private property and to actively aid the National Eradication Program to achieve success in control of this invasive pest
Refund or waiver of animal management fees (PDF 129 KB) To determine the basis to refund or waive (in part or full) animal management fees and charges.
Registrable animals (PDF 125 KB) To maximise the registration of cats and dogs in Logan City. To provide the framework to make sure the registrable animal processes comply with animal management legislation.
Safety cameras (PDF 131 KB) The guiding principles which inform the operation of our safety cameras.
Temporary use of parks by individuals or organisations (function bookings) (PDF 120 KB) To make sure appropriate conditions are applied when approval is given to applications for the use of parks.
Street art on private property (PDF 169 KB) To encourage the use of street art on private property to promote visual amenity and deter graffiti, subject to owner consent.