Image and Identity (II) - Quarter 1 2020/2021

Project Target Status Commentary

 II1.1.1 - Deliver key marketing objectives from the City Positioning and Marketing Roadmap.

Purpose: Provide streamlined messaging to key audiences.

June 2021 On Track A longer term marketing strategy is being developed against high level objectives and strategic priorities across the pillars of: 
  • Economic
  • Tourism 
  • Community 
This is in line with the City Positioning an Marketing Roadmap.

II1.2.1 - Implement amendments to the City of Choice initiative.

Purpose: Advocate the interests of the city. Create partnerships with other levels of government and non-government organisations.

June 2021 On Track

Work is underway to scope and plan the best practice governance arrangements for the new iteration of the City of Choice Leadership Team.

The Advocacy Program held a workshop with Councillors in September 2020 to determine the focus for the new Leadership Team. Work is ongoing to further refine the scope, governance arrangements and next steps.

II1.3.1 - Deliver the Catapult Program in collaboration with:
  • young people
  • industry
  • community
  • educators.
Purpose: Build job readiness and entrepreneurial capability for young people in Logan.
June 2021 On Track

Overview of Quarter 1: 

As a Council-led partnership with the business, education and community sectors, Catapult brings together a range of opportunities that help to prepare young people for the jobs of today and of tomorrow by building an entrepreneurial mindset and enterprise skills.  Catapult is being piloted across four local high-schools in 2020 with the view to scale the program to reach more young people into 2021.

As the program is firmly aimed at creating employment outcomes for young people, over time the measures will focus on job pathways created as a direct result of involvement with the program. However, with the program being in its initial stages it is anticipated that these outcomes may take one or more years to materialise. During the pilot phase the program will focus on demonstrating value for all stakeholders, building relationships, and generating further interest which we expect will support the long-term success of the program, and in turn eventually enable the job-pathway measures to be realised.  
Outcomes include:

  • 17 industry partners engaged in program to date including representatives from key local businesses including GO1, TrakPro, MyWork along with Queensland Health
  • 84 students in total engaged throughout the program so far
  • Students surveys have indicated that, as a result of participating in the program: 
  • 77% of participants agreed or strongly agreed that they know how to develop a business idea and pitch it to others
  • 82% felt that the problems that they identified and developed solutions for are relevant to their career aspirations
  • 93% of participants would recommend the program to others

The above markers, along with qualitative feedback gathered throughout the program, indicate that engagement across key stakeholder groups over the past quarter is very positive. Over the coming quarter the City Transformation team will continue to build on this engagement and momentum to both grow the program and eventually transition the success measures to job pathway creation.

II2.1.1 - Deliver the Parks Asset Renewal Program.

Purpose: Provide and maintain healthy and active recreation opportunities for families.

June 2021 On Track Delivery of the 2020/2021 asset renewal program is on track. 90% of the asset renewal program funding has been allocated and currently in design.

II2.1.2 - Deliver park infrastructure through the Parks Capital Works Program.

Purpose: Increase tourism in the city. Create healthy and active recreation opportunities for families.

June 2021 On Track Delivery of outstanding projects from the 2019/2020 financial year are progressing positively. Design program is currently being developed for the delivery of potential 20/21 local infrastructure projects.

II2.2.1 - Implement a Logan City Council Events Strategy 2020-2025.

Purpose: Guide the strategic direction of city-wide events across a five-year period.

June 2021 On Track The City of Logan Events Strategy 2020-2020 and supporting research was endorsed by Council after it went to the City Lifestyle Committee on August 18.

II2.6.1 - Deliver detailed design work for a new general community space at Greater Flagstone.

Purpose: Enable the next stage of the proposed Greater Flagstone Integrated Service Hub to progress.

June 2021 On Track This project is on track for completion as scheduled at this stage. However commencement has been delayed as a result of proposed changes to the land transfer from the developer. This includes the timing and also the proposed site.

II2.6.2 - Deliver detailed design for a new district level community centre at Yarrabilba.

Purpose: Enable construction to start on the Yarrabilba Integrated Service Hub.

June 2021 On Track

The detailed design process is on track with architects appointed during this quarter to commence work. In addition to this the community consultation was undertaken during this period, which has been shared with the architects to help inform the design work.

Significant progress has also been made in the development of the partnership agreement with all key stakeholders.