Impounded vehicles

If you receive a letter telling you that your vehicle has been impounded, you must claim your vehicle within one month of the letter being sent. If you do not claim your vehicle, it may be sold at auction or disposed of.

To claim a vehicle, please download and fill in the Application for release of impounded goods (PDF 161 KB).

You must lodge your application at the Council Administration Centre and include:

  • payment of the release fee
  • satisfactory evidence that you own the vehicle, like:
    • personal identification
    • registration papers
    • motor dealer documents
    • a statutory declaration
  • an authority to act on behalf of the owner – if you are claiming the vehicle on behalf of someone else
  • satisfactory evidence of the right to possession – if you are claiming a right to possession of the vehicle.

If a vehicle is not successfully claimed within one month of us sending an advice notice, the vehicle will be disposed of in line with Local Law No. 2 (Administration) 2010.

Release of Impounded vehicles

  1. A vehicle may be re-claimed by the owner within one month from the date of this notice upon;
    a. Completion of an Application for the Release of Impounded Goods form; and
    b. Payment of the prescribed release fee per vehicle ($299.00 for 2019/2020); and
    c. Provision of sufficient evidence to satisfy Council of the person's right of ownership or possession of the vehicle; (e.g. personal identification drivers licence, registration papers, motor dealer documents, a statutory declaration)
  2. A person acting on behalf of the owner must satisfy Council of their right to possession and authority to act on behalf of the owner.
  3. All applications for the release of impounded vehicles must be lodged at the Logan Central Administration centre. For more information, please call us on 07 3412 3412.
  4. If a successful claim is not made for the return of a vehicle within one month of the date of this notice then the property in the vehicle vests in the local government and the local government may dispose the vehicle in accordance with section 42(5) (Disposal of Vehicle) of Logan City Council's Local Law No. 2 (Administration) 2010.

Note: For safety reasons, an owner seeking the release of an unregistered vehicle must arrange for a licensed tow truck (tray back) to transport the vehicle from Council's impounded vehicle holding yard.

List of impounded vehicles as at 16 January 2020:

Date Impounded

Vehicle Description

Registration Number

Address Impounded 

CSIGR Number

10 October 2019 White Subaru Sedan    475YQF    Bardon Rd, Logan Central     10342
13 November 2019 White Ford Ranger Ute (VOI) 231VWJ Gleditsia Close, Regents Park 10386
15 November 2019 Green Ford Territory 383KSD Logan Reserve Road, Waterford West 10385
18 November 2019 Grey Mazda 2 No plates Sandover Circuit, Holmview 10387
26 November 2019 White Holden Sedan 654XHT Ruby Street, Marsden 10393
11 December 2019 Grey Nissan Pulsar 011XOE Plantation Road, Beenleigh 10422
16 December 2019 Gold Mazda Protégé Sedan No plates Kingston Road, Slacks Creek 10424
16 December 2019 Blue Mitsubishi Lancer No plates Kingston Road, Slacks Creek 10425
17 December 2019 White Mitsubishi Sedan 854FGU Colorado Street, Bahrs Scrub 10427
27 December 2019 Blue BMW  No plates Randall Street Slacks Creek 10445
2 January 2020 Silver Hyundai iX35 503YUJ Reisers Road, Beenleigh 10449
3 January 2020 Dark Blue Hyundai Sonata 027ITD     Fleet Street, Browns Plains         10468
6 January 2020 Boat and trailer     CM9960 Trudy Crescent, Cornubia 10461
6 January 2020 Yellow Hyundai Getz 344VGV     Hiley Street, Slacks Creek 10462
6 January 2020 Nissan Pulsar (burnt out)  No plates     Bannockburn Road, Bannockburn         10465
7 January 2020 White Hyundai iX35     No plates Station Road, Bethania         10466
9 January 2020 Grey Mazda CX9     139TPE     Mungaree Drive, Shailer Park         10467
29 January 2020 Black Ford Falcon XR6 342HXL Winnetts Road, Daisy Hill 10527
30 January 2020 Beige VW EOS EOS10 Osanna Street, Daisy Hill 10529
5 February 2020 White Nissan Navara 336XGI Lilly Pilly Street, Crestmead 10552
5 February 2020 White Holden Captiva 868WNU Waratah Drive, Crestmead 10551
3 February 2020 Blue / White Boat ZP385N Tygum Road, Waterford West 10531

Impounded vehicle auction

The last impounded vehicle auction was held on Wednesday 15 January 2020. As soon as a new date for the next auction has been set, we will update the information on this page. 

Purchasers must make arrangements to legally tow or transport vehicles from Council’s Depot. For safety reasons, the buyer of an unregistered vehicle(s) must arrange for a licensed tow truck (tray back) to transport the vehicle from Council's impounded vehicle holding yard. The use of car trailers is not permitted.

Council reserves the right to withdraw any vehicle from an advertised auction without prior notice.

Enclosed footwear must be worn. Children must be supervised by an adult. Animals, smoking and alcohol are not permitted in Depot grounds. Access is via Plantation Rd and on-street parking is required.

This auction is in accordance with Council's Local Law No. 2 (Administration) 2010.

For more information please call us on 07 3412 5318 or email us at