Are you passionate about innovation and want to help drive the innovation story in Logan? 

Council is offering a masterclass in innovation and entrepreneurship, starting February 2020. 

World-leading New Zealand-based company, Creative HQ, will deliver this unique and limited opportunity. 

The Logan Masterclass in Innovation and Entrepreneurship offers accreditation to innovation practitioners and facilitators. 

The course is fully funded by Council. In return, participants must fully commit to the training. They will also need to commit to helping drive innovation in Logan. 

Training will consist of five consecutive half-days each month over a four month period. The workshops will run from February to June 2020.

Masterclass key dates

Applications close 23 January 2020

Workshop dates  
Tier 1 24 February to 28 February
Tier 2 30 March to 3 April
Tier 3 11 May to 15 May
Tier 4 15 June to 19 June

City Vision and City Futures Strategy 

Applications are open from 23 December 2019 to 23 January 2020. To apply, please fill in our online application form today. 

Logan's local innovation, new ideas and technology improve how we do things in the city. All our innovation is designed to improve the lives of our residents and the way our city functions.

City Vision

Innovative, dynamic city of the future

Our vision is for a well-planned, sustainable city that has local and global reach. The City of Logan is a place with a rich history and diversity. It’s a place where people and businesses are adaptable.

City Futures Strategy

On 17 April 2018, Council endorsed the City Futures Strategy.

During 2017, we developed our City Futures Strategy through consultation with the community. Our strategy aligns with the Australian Government’s Smart Cities Plan.

Our City Futures Strategy is our road map for Logan’s future. It outlines our strategic priorities for the City of Logan.

For more information, please download our City Futures Strategy (PDF 5 MB).

Our programs

Advancing Regional Innovation Program (ARIP)

ARIP is a three-year program supported by the Queensland Government. It’s designed to turn our region into a thriving hub for innovation and enterprise.

We’re working with Griffith University and Redland City Council to deliver events and activities through ARIP. We’re helping to build a culture of sustainable innovation.

Through ARIP, we’re supporting our region to become a place where both local and global businesses choose to invest. We’re building a community where we can all live, work and play.

For more information please visit Advance Queensland.

CityStudio Logan program

CityStudio Logan logo


CityStudio Logan seeks to inspire action for meaningful change in our city. It’s a model that brings together education organisations, students and Council staff to solve real challenges.

Cities are better when we build them together. Through CityStudio Logan, we’re bringing together Council staff, students, educators and the community to work together and design new projects to respond to the current needs of our city.

CityStudio Logan projects are based on current city challenges, matched with education partners. The educators develop new ideas and teach about these challenges using project-based learning. The educators involve passionate students who develop practical skills in solving challenges in a real-world context. The students and educators then launch their projects in the local community, with support from us.

We licensed the CityStudio Logan model from CityStudio Vancouver in 2018. We’re currently running a series of pilot projects, and we plan to expand our partnerships to solve new challenges in the future.

To find out more about CityStudio Logan, please email us at

The Catapult program

The Catapult Program is a fun, hands-on way for young people aged 12 to 18 to learn the skills they need to succeed in business and in life.   

Catapult is a Council-led partnership with the business, education and community sectors. It offers a range of opportunities that will help young people to build an entrepreneurial mindset and enterprise skills. These skills include:

  • problem solving
  • critical thinking
  • collaboration
  • communication, and
  • Human-centered design.

As a brand-new initiative, Catapult will be piloted across a handful of local high schools in 2020. 

Students will learn how to collaboratively develop, validate and pitch their own business ideas, receiving input and advice from local entrepreneurs and experts along the way. 

Teachers will also receive specialist training to support their students over the long-term. 

The new program is an opportunity for us to show our commitment to creating strong futures for young people in our city, and is another way we are strengthening Logan’s long-term economic future. 

To find out more about the Catapult Program, please email us at

INNOV8 Logan

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INNOV8 Logan is the city’s official virtual innovation hub. It is an online meeting place where you can find out what’s happening amongst Logan’s entrepreneurs. You can also sign up for events like meetups and community coffee.

INNOV8 Logan was developed by the community for the community. You can use it to connect with:

  • the community
  • innovation hubs
  • coworking spaces
  • accelerator programs
  • open data.

The INNOV8 Logan team includes local industry, social enterprises and tertiary education partners. They’re driving innovation in Logan.


Empowering entrepreneurs, innovators and start-ups in Logan to create economic and social benefits for the community.


INNOV8 Logan exists to connect, collaborate, promote and build entrepreneurial will in Logan.


Developed by the community for the community, INNOV8 Logan seeks to foster greater inclusion, opportunity and participation in innovation and entrepreneurship in Logan.

For more information please visit Innov8logan.