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Dangerous and Menacing Dogs

Council may declare a dog as dangerous or menacing if:

  • the dog causes injury to a person or an animal by biting, attacking, rushing at or chasing a person or animal; or
  • another local government has declared it dangerous or menacing.

Guard dogs may also be declared dangerous or menacing.

If a dog has been declared dangerous or menacing, its owner must satisfy a number of stringent management requirements. These responsibilities include:

  • displaying suitable warning signs;
  • provision of a specified enclosure;
  • muzzling of the dog when in a public place for a dangerous dog;
  • not bringing the dog into an off-leash area; and
  • payment of a dangerous or menacing dog registration fee.

Impounding and seizure of aggressive and dangerous dogs

Council officers occasionally have cause to seize and impound dogs which present an unacceptable risk to the community due to the aggressive nature of the dogs or if a suitable enclosure to contain the dog does not exist.

The Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 (PDF) provides Council with the power to effect a dog seizure. In these cases, notice will be served on the dog's owner, providing an appeal process, should Council intend to destroy a dog.