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Eat Safe Logan

Logan City Council, in partnership with key industry representatives, has a regulatory food safety inspection scheme called Eat Safe Logan.

All food businesses must comply with food safety laws.  Council inspects licensed food businesses to check compliance.  The star rating system has been developed with industry associations.  It is designed to provide assistance and incentives to food businesses to comply with food safety laws, and to achieve the highest standards in food safety.

Logan food businesses, consumers and Council all benefit from the star rating scheme. Benefits can be seen in:

  • Recognition and rewards for food businesses that comply with food safety laws and employ good management practices within their businesses.
  • Higher performing businesses  receive fewer audits, allowing Council Environmental Health Officers to spend more time working with poor performers.
  • Higher performers receive discounts on their annual licence fee.
  • The display of a score provides free marketing opportunities for a business, including a free listing on the Logan City Council website.
  • Consumers have choice when selecting a place to eat and have confidence in that choice.

Overseas countries that have a food safety rating system have a reduced number of reported food poisoning cases.


All licensed food businesses in Logan have been inspected and have received a star rating. Search to find out what food star rating your local restaurants, cafes and takeaways have received.

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How are food businesses rated?

Food businesses will be rated from zero to five stars. Those who have achieved three stars and above have met legislative requirements for compliance with the Food Act 2006, the Food Safety Standards and good management practices. The stars do not relate to the quality of food served or customer service provided.

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More information?

Email enquiries to or call an Environmental Health Officer on 3412 3412.