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Forms, Tools and Resources to Assist Food Businesses

Application forms

Application Forms
Application Form When to use
Application for an Administrative Review (PDF 62 KB) When a food business licensee disagrees with the rating issued, an application to Council to have the rating ‘Administratively Reviewed’ (i.e. via a desktop audit) can be made.
Application for Major Re-Grade Assessment (PDF 70 KB)
This form is to be used by businesses wanting to have full re-grade inspection of their premises. This is a full Eat Safe Logan inspection.
Application for a Minor Re-grade Assessment (PDF 80 KB) A minor re-grade assessment occurs after a maximum of 3 easily rectified minor non-compliances and/or administrative requirements and/or good management practices have been rectified and the food business does not want to wait for the next routine inspection for their rating to be re-assessed.
Notification of Food Safety Supervisor (PDF 65 KB) The licensee must notify Council the contact details for their Food Safety Supervisor.

Brochures and guidelines

Brochures and Guidelines
Brochure English Vietnamese Traditional Chinese
What is Eat Safe Logan? English (PDF 234 KB)    
Eat Safe Essentials Brochure English (PDF 2141 KB) Vietnamese (PDF 2195 KB) Traditional Chinese (PDF 2416 KB)
Food Safety Checklist English (PDF 514 KB) Vietnamese (PDF 646 KB) Traditional Chinese (PDF 876 KB)
Food Safety Made Easy Guide English (PDF 799 KB)    
Food Safety Rating Guide  English (PDF 499 KB) Vietnamese (PDF 1524 KB) Traditional Chinese (PDF 2014 KB)
Eat Safe Logan Inspection Frequency, Administrative Review and Re-Grade Policy English (PDF 70 KB)
Quick Guide to the Legal Agreement English (PDF 74 KB)    
Food Safety Rating Display Materials Guide  English (PDF 598 KB)    

Record templates

These record templates are also available in Microsoft Word format to customise for your business. Contact Council for copies.

Record Template English Vietnamese Simplified Chinese
Cleaning Program & Schedule English (PDF 230 KB) Vietnamese (PDF 116 KB) Simplified Chinese (PDF 112 KB)
Maintenance English (PDF 337 KB) Vietnamese (PDF 135 KB) Simplified Chinese (PDF 105 KB)
Pest Control English (PDF 226 KB) Vietnamese (PDF 108 KB) Simplified Chinese (PDF 83 KB)
Products Received English (PDF 123 KB) Vietnamese (PDF 102 KB) Simplified Chinese (PDF 96 KB)
Refuse Cleaning English (PDF 119 KB) Vietnamese (PDF 96 KB) Simplified Chinese (PDF 68 KB)
Staff Training English (PDF 122 KB) Vietnamese (PDF 105 KB) Simplified Chinese (PDF 78 KB)
Stock Rotation English (PDF 231 KB) Vietnamese (PDF 130 KB) Simplified Chinese (PDF 105 KB)
Temperature Food Display English (PDF 122 KB) Vietnamese (PDF 96 KB) Simplified Chinese (PDF 94 KB)
Transportation Temperature Control English (PDF 197 KB) Vietnamese (PDF 200 KB) Simplified Chinese (PDF 99 KB)
Waste Collection English (PDF 119 KB) Vietnamese (PDF 96 KB) Simplified Chinese (PDF 68 KB)

Eat Safe Logan essentials posters

Eat Safe Essential Posters
Poster English Vietnamese Traditional Chinese
Food Requirements English (PDF 500 KB) Vietmanese (PDF 4154 KB) Traditional Chinese (PDF 2039 KB)
Staff Requirements English (PDF 462 KB) Vietmanese (PDF 2415 KB) Traditional Chinese (PDF 1197 KB)
General Requirements English (PDF 379 KB) Vietmanese (PDF 2704 KB) Traditional Chinese (PDF 1338 KB)