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Project Timeline

Date Progress
February Council considered a proposal for a food business rating scheme and endorsed community engagement with residents and the local food industry.
March to April A survey was conducted to identify if the community supported a system of rating the cleanliness and hygiene practices of food premises in Logan.

View Survey results (PDF 19 KB)

96.5% support for the proposal.
March to April Industry was invited to comment on the proposal by phone or email.

A workshop was held at Logan Metro to identify if the local food industry supported a food business rating scheme.

View Consultation report (PDF 4390 KB)
May Council approved the development and implementation of a food business star rating scheme.

View Council report (PDF 295 KB)
June Council approved funding for Eat Safe Logan.
July to August A telephone survey of 20% of Logan food businesses was conducted. The survey identified how Council could support business to comply with their obligations under the food safety legislation.

63% of food businesses stated they would display their star rating.
July to August Consultation with major industry associations: All associations consulted support a voluntary scheme.
November Council Environmental Health Officer (EHO) training to ensure consistency in rating businesses.
December to January Industry information session for Child Care Centres.

Preliminary rating of licensable Child Care Centres.
Late February - early March Industry information sessions on how to get the best possible rating for your business. Sessions were held in English, Cantonese and Vietnamese.
March to August Educational rating all other food businesses.

Senior Council officers conducted check audits for consistency.
August to October Project review and 2011/2012 work planned.
October onwards Star Rating inspections for public display of all food businesses.
July Release of Star Ratings and promotion.