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Licensing & Approvals


Council is committed to helping you build and operate a better, fully compliant business. To reduce the compliance burden and cost of compliance for business, Council has developed information relating to the following permits, licences, approvals and registrations.

South East Queensland Councils have collaborated to standardise information for a number of permits, licences, approvals and registrations. In these cases, you will be redirected to the Toolbox website.


Applicable fees are listed on each of the application forms in column two.

Conveyance searches

To establish the viability of purchasing a business, it is strongly recommended that the potential purchaser, apply for non-residential property information. This search may provide the potential purchaser with either a database report or inspection of the business for legal compliance pursuant to the relevant legislation.

New compliance strategy for operating temporary food stalls

Logan City Council introduced changes to the way temporary food stalls will be managed under the Food Act 2006. The compliance strategy approved by Council will mean that Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) will have greater ability to enforce existing powers in a more consistent manner. It will mean that both operators and the public will have a higher level of confidence that the food they are buying is safe.

More information

The compliance strategy for temporary food stalls is available to download in full by clicking on the link below.

Business permits, licences, approvals and registration forms and fees
Business typeLicence application formInformation kits and fact sheets
Advertising Signs
Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds
  • Not available
Commercial Accommodation
Commercial Swimming Pools
Entertainment Events
Environmentally Relevant Activities The Greentape Reduction project made significant changes to the approval of environmental activities from 31 March 2013.
Film Production

Food Business (fixed)


Food Safety Program Accreditation
Food Business (mobile)


  • Not available
Food Business (temporary)


Footpath Dining
Heavy Vehicle Parking on Residential Premises
Personal Appearance Services
Roadside Vending 
Water Carriers


Stall, Busking, Touting, Distribution of Business Advertising Publications
  • Not available