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If you have received a fine or infringement notice following are your payment options, appeal options and information about what happens when a fine or infringement notice is not actioned.

What is a Penalty Unit and how much does it cost?

A Penalty Unit is identified as the monetary amount used to compute fines for a breach of either Queensland State legislation or a Local Law (City of Logan).

Fines are calculated by multiplying the value of one penalty unit by the number of penalty units prescribed for the offence.

One penalty unit in Queensland (2019/2020) is valued at $133.00 (rounded down from $133.45).

Penalty units are subject to a yearly review by the State Treasurer.

Example: Stopping a vehicle in a disabled parking area without a permit attracts 2 Penalty Units or $266 (2 x $133.00).

Road Rules

View the Queensland Government's Transport and Main Roads website which includes a link to the Queensland Road Rules.