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Payment Options

Payment options include:

Payment in full

If your payment is received in full within 28 days from the date the notice was issued, the infringement is finalised and no further action will be taken.

Payment can be made:


You can make an infringement payment online using your infringement details and credit card*.

In person

Payment by cash, credit card*, cheque or money order may be made at Council's customer service centres (except on public holidays):

Please bring your infringement notice with you.


Cheque or money order must be made payable to:

Logan City Council
PO Box 3226
Logan City DC Qld 4114

Please supply the infringement notice together with your payment.


Payment by credit card* may be made over the phone by contacting Council on 07 3412 5318, from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4.45 pm (except on public holidays).

You will need to quote the infringement notice number.

Voluntary instalment plan

Where the infringement notice penalty is $200 or more, you may, within 28 days from the date the infringement notice was issued, request to make payments by instalments.

Option 1: Complete the SPER Voluntary Instalment Plan application form (PDF 23 KB) accompained by an initial payment of $60.

Option 2: Complete Section 3 on the rear of the Infringement Notice accompanied by an initial payment of $60.

Council will then refer the matter to the State Penalties Enforcement Registry who will contact you about a payment plan for the remainder of the fine.