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Local Laws Under Review

View information about local laws that are currently under review below.

Council is currently reviewing the Animal Keeping Local Laws specific to cats and dogs. Visit the Animal Keeping Local Laws page for more information or Have Your Say to shape the future of cat and dog keeping local laws.

Parking Local Law Amendments

In November 2018 the Department of Transport and Main Roads made amendments to the Transport Operations Regulations for consistency with the Australian Road Rules and the Heavy Vehicle National Law.

In summary, a heavy vehicle is now defined as:

  • A vehicle with a GVM or ATM of more than 4.5t
  • A combination that includes a vehicle with a GVM or ATM of more than 4.5t

This differs from what is defined as a Heavy Vehicle in our current Local Law No 7 (Parking) 2003:

  • A heavy vehicle means a vehicle with a GVM of 4.5t or more

The state amendments now stipulate that a heavy vehicle needs to be more than 4.5 tonnes.  The change to the definition is minor and is to the advantage of heavy vehicle drivers. The impact is considered to be minimal.

The local law needs to be consistent with the state law so the change must happen, and currently it is the way the law is being applied by Logan City Council.

The proposed amendments are available for community feedback from 16 April - COB 10 May 2019.

The following local laws are available for comment during this time:

To view a tracked change version of the amended local see below:

Please note that consultation is on the amendments only, and as such only feedback made on the proposed amendments will be considered as valid submissions.


You can make a submission on the proposed local law amendments in the following ways:

  • Post to: PO Box 3226, Logan City DC  QLD  4114.