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Local Laws Under Review

View information about local laws that are currently under review below.

Miscellaneous Amendments to Local Laws

Council is currently reviewing several local laws relating to public health matters to reduce red tape, improve regulatory outcomes and to make various administrative amendments.

Council's solicitors have reviewed the proposed new local law and have identified that a Public Interest Test is required as some of the proposed local law amendments contain anti-competitive provisions.

The proposed amendments are available for community feedback from 23 October - COB 16 November 2018. The following local laws are available for comment during this time:

These legislative instruments amend the following local laws, please click on them to view a marked up copy of the amendments made:

Please note that consultation is on the amendments only, and as such only feedback made on the proposed amendments will be considered as valid submissions.


You can make a submission on the proposed new local law in the following ways: