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Air & Light Nuisances

Emissions into the air can cause a nuisance to neighbours and interfere with their normal daily activities. It can even affect their health under severe conditions.

Council only has jurisdiction to act on certain air pollution issues, and shares the responsibility of air emissions with other government bodies.

Who should I contact regarding air complaints?

Light nuisances
Occurring on residential land and some commercial landCouncil

Read more about light nuisances in our residential light nuisance fact sheet (PDF 127 KB).

Odour nuisances
Council sewage treatment plantCouncil
Private sewage treatment plant Septic tankDepartment of Environment and Science
General (e.g. fertiliser, pesticides, waste, builders toilet)Council
Smoke nuisances
Backyard burningCouncil
Chimney smokeCouncil
Bushfire smokeQueensland Fire and Emergency Services
Smokey vehicleDepartment of Transport and Main Roads
Cigarette smokeQueensland Health
Spray drift nuisances
Spray driftAuthority
Occuring on residential land and some commercial landCouncil
Dust nuisances
Occuring from the clearing of vacant land in preparation for sub-divisionCouncil
Occuring on residential land and some commercial landCouncil


Any person who causes a residential nuisance may receive an infringement notice from Council with an on-the-spot fine of $133 (1 penalty unit) for a first offence increasing to $399 (3 penalty units) for a second offence and then $665 (5 penalty units) for a third offence . Alternatively, Council may issue the person with a compliance notice or a stop order. Any person who fails to comply with the requirements of a compliance notice or stop order is liable to a maximum penalty of $6,650 or $26,660 respectively.

For further information on air nuisances, please contact Council on 07 3412 5318.