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Disability Parking

Disability Parking Permits

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is responsible for the administration of both the Queensland Disability Parking Permit (Red Permit) and the Australian Disability Parking Permit (ADPP) for Queensland residents.

For enquiries in relation to a disability parking permit please contact TMR on 132 380 or visit the TMR website.

Logan City Council parking officers monitor the use of disability parking bays to ensure the spaces are not used by people who do not have a current disability parking permit.  Monitoring these parking bays ensures that people who have a lack of mobility have access to available disability parking spaces.

Parking officers monitor disability parking bays on roads and on Council property and also at large shopping centres where Council has agreements with the shopping centres.

Parking officers and the Queensland Police Service may issue infringement notices for the misuse of a disability parking bay.

An international symbol of access is used to identify parking bays for people with disabilities.

Overseas and interstate permits are valid for use in Queensland providing they are not expired, suspended or cancelled. Parking concessions are the same as ADPP parking concessions.

If a holder of an interstate permit resides permanently in Queensland, the permit holder must apply for a Queensland granted ADPP within 14 days of becoming a permanent Queensland resident.

Conditions of use

Disability parking permits are granted to applicants when their ability to walk is severely restricted by a medical condition or disability. Permits are also granted to organisations that transport individuals who meet the eligibility criteria for the grant of a disability parking permit and must use the permit according to conditions.

When parking in a disability parking bay the driver must ensure the disability parking permit is current and is displayed with the permit number and expiry date clearly visible from outside the vehicle.  The permit must only be displayed when the permit holder or person being transported (organisational permit) either enters or exits the vehicle whilst the vehicle is parked in the disability parking bay.

Concessions for ADPP holders

ADPP holders are entitled to parking concessions that allow access to on-street and off-street parking bays. On-street parking in local government metered and regulated parking areas is free of charge with the following conditions:

  • where the time limit specified by a sign is less than 30 minutes, parking will be allowed for 30 minutes.
  • where the time limit specified by a sign is 30 minutes or more, parking will be allowed for an unlimited amount of time.

Queensland Disability Parking Permit Holders (Red Permit) are entitled to park in any off-street parking bay, displaying the international symbol of access, situated in areas such as shopping centres, entertainment areas, hospitals and the like. No on-street parking is permitted.

Example of an Australian Disability Parking Permit

Example of a Queensland Parking Permit

Disability Parking at Shopping Centres

Logan City Council supports the disabled community by conducting parking enforcement in disability parking bays on roads, at Councils premises such as libraries and swimming pools and in a number of major shopping centres located throughout the city to ensure the bays are not misused.

Council has written agreements with a number of shopping centres in the city which enables Council parking officers to monitor the use of the disability parking bays. The shopping centres are defined as off-street regulated parking areas in the parking Subordinate Local Law No. 7.1 (Regulated Parking) 2003.

Monitoring the disability parking bays in these centres helps to ensure that only people that are entitled to park in these areas have access to available disability parking spaces and that they are not misused by others who do not have a permit.

Both Council parking officers and the Queensland Police Service officers may issue infringement notices for the misuse of a disability parking bay.

Shopping centres monitored by Council

  • Arndale Shopping Centre
  • Beenleigh Mall
  • Beenleigh Market Place
  • Eagleby Shopping Plaza
  • Grand Plaza Shopping Centre
  • Greenbank Shopping Centre
  • Hyperdome Home Centre
  • Jimboomba Convenience Centre
  • Jimboomba Shopping Centre
  • Logan Central Plaza
  • Logan City Shopping Centre
  • Logan Hyperdome
  • Loganholme Shopping Village
  • Marsden Park Shopping Centre
  • Marsden on Fifth
  • Riverlakes Village
  • Underwood Market Place
  • Waterford Plaza