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Parking at Schools

Council actively monitors school parking areas to enforce parking zones and restrictions to ensure the safety of children and to maintain effective traffic flow during the busy drop off and pick up periods.

Parking appropriately when dropping off and collecting your children at school, ensures there is no danger to the children and helps to avoid traffic congestion around schools.

Dropping off, picking up and the parking rules

Normal road and parking rules apply around schools. This is especially important around school entrances, bus stops, pick up and set down areas.

School zones are inherently busy areas where there are often large volumes of young children who do not always readily understand the dangers of roads and vehicles. Exercise extra care and observe parking restrictions around schools at all times. Parking restrictions around schools are planned with your children's safety in mind.

Keeping it safe

Council monitors parking around school zones and their surrounding streets on a regular basis. Council utilises both Community Parking Officers and automatic number plate recognition camera car to attend outside schools to monitor parking practices. Council issue infringement notices by mail, to the vehicle's owner, for breaches of parking restrictions. Experience has shown that regular inspections outside a school significantly improves driver behaviour around schools.

Reporting issues

To report faded, damaged or missing car park signage please contact Council on 3412 5282.

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