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Parking Permits

Council recognises all disability parking permits issued by Queensland Transport and also issues parking permits for residents affected by signposted parking restrictions fronting their premises. If you require a parking permit please contact Council's Road Infrastructure Planning Branch on 07 3412 5282.

Enquiries about changes to on-street parking or general traffic management issues should be directed to Road Infrastructure Planning Branch on 07 3412 5282.

If you have been issued with an infringement notice and believe that you have a legal defence, an exemption from the law, a reasonable excuse or there is an error on the infringement notice, you may appeal to have the infringement notice waived

Residential parking permit

A residential parking permit is issued to persons who are required to park their vehicles in signed timed parking areas for longer than the allowed period. An example would be residents who reside adjacent to schools.

Application requirements 

All documentation must include the applicant's name and address.  Incomplete applications cannot be processed until all documentation is received. 

The application must include a: 

  • Completed and signed application form; and
  • Copy of recent utility bill (if applicant is not owner of property address); and
  • Copy of your vehicle registration receipt/renewal notice for each vehicle requiring a permit 

Complete the application online or download the application form (PDF 42 KB)