Local Law register and fact sheets

Local councils can make laws to deal with issues in their local government area. We make these laws in line with the Local Government Act 2009.

Local Law register

For a list of our local laws, please download our Local Law Register (PDF 14 KB).

To access copies of the following Local laws please email us at council@logan.qld.gov.au.

  • Local Law No. 2 (Administration) 2010
  • Subordinate Local Law No. 4.1 (Animal Management) 2002
  • Local Law No. 5 (Parks, Jetties and Boat Ramps) 2011
  • Local Law No. 7 (Parking) 2003
  • Local Law No. 8 (Waste Management) 2018
  • Subordinate Local Law No. 8.1 (Waste Management) 2018
  • Local Law No. 9 (Licensing) 1999
  • Subordinate Local Law No. 9.3 (Itinerant Vending) 1999
  • Subordinate Local Law No. 9.8 (Events) 1999
  • Subordinate Local Law No. 9.10 (Accommodation Premises) 1999
  • Subordinate Local Law No. 9.17 (Relocatable Home Parks) 1999
  • Local Law No. 10 (Public Health) 1999
  • Subordinate Local Law 10.1 (Public Health) 1999
  • Local Law No. 12 (Council Property and Other Public Places) 2003
  • Subordinate Local Law No. 12.1 (Business on Public Places other than Council Facilities and Community Facilities) 2003

To access all other Local laws, please visit the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning website.

Local laws fact sheets

The following fact sheets provide information about some of our local laws.