Logan Listens: Residents Survey

We value feedback from our residents. It is important that we know what you think about our services.

Every second year, we carry out a survey to gather information from residents about our services and facilities. This helps us plan for the needs of our growing community.

The survey helps us measure our performance in providing services and facilities to you.

2018 Logan Listens: Residents’ survey

In 2018, the telephone survey had two parts:

  • one part focused on our services and facilities
  • one part focused on our customer service.

For each survey, researchers contacted 800 residents who were chosen at random. The 2018 sample included 70% urban and 30% rural residents over the age of 18 who have lived in Logan for six months or longer.

2018 survey results

The results from our customer service survey are excellent. The average satisfaction score was 4.4 out of 5, which rates in the very high satisfaction category.

This result shows that satisfaction with our customer service has increased since 2016.

We also achieved high performance in the areas of:

  • animal management
  • supporting local business.

We also outperformed in many other service areas, including:

  • libraries
  • playgrounds
  • food safety in local eateries
  • sporting grounds and facilities
  • animal management
  • community and neighbourhood centres
  • swimming pools
  • general waste collection
  • council-funded festivals and events
  • promoting the city
  • supporting local business
  • informing the community about our services and facilities
  • bike routes
  • footpaths and shared paths
  • sewerage services
  • water supply.