Pet education

Two cartoon dogs and a cartoon cat smile happily

Be Pet Smart is a free, fun, and interactive learning experience for children aged 3 to 12 years. 

Our mission is to educate children on dog safety and responsible pet ownership. The program is available to all Logan education facilities, including community groups.

A live education animal may be available for ages 4 and over (subject to facility assessment and animal availability). 

Woof, Peppy and Jacky can't wait to meet you! 

How to book for 2023  

Bookings for this program will be open from Tuesday 17 January 2023. Bookings are available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (subject to staff availability). Please fill in our Be Pet Smart booking form and our staff will be in touch.  

Age Group 

Recommended Sessions 

Session Duration  

Number of students per session 


2 sessions, one week apart 

30 mins 

Up to 22 students 

Prep and above 

1 session 

45 min 

Up to 45 students 

The program 

Be Pet Smart teaches participants how to: 

  • safely interact with strange dogs 
  • behave if approached by a strange dog 
  • identify and read cat and dog body language 
  • look after their pets. 

 We are committed to educating our community about: 

  • reducing the number of dog attacks, particularly on children 
  • responsible pet ownership 
  • our animal keeping local laws 
  • the impact of pets on the environment 
  • the difference between different types of working dogs and a pet. 

Be Pet Smart has strong links with the Australian Curriculum ACARA. Copies of the curriculum connections are available on request. The program acknowledges the importance of education between the home and school. 

Each participant will receive: 

  • Be Pet Smart Certificate 
  • Activity Book.

Before the program, teachers will have access to a resource guide. This guide extends students learning and understanding of the content.  

Tell us your feedback 

We value your feedback. To tell us your ideas and suggestions to improve our Be Pet Smart program please email