Guidelines for Petitions and ePetitions

Petitions must:

  • Be created using a Council-provided form.
  • Contain a minimum of 10 signatures.
  • Can be created and signed by those currently residing at a residential address outside the City of Logan, but must be in relation to a specific local government matter within the City of Logan (i.e. not a state or federal issue)
  • Clearly identify the request.
  • Include the name and contact details of the Principal Petitioner (i.e. one person who is the organiser and who will act as the key contact for the issue).
  • Include the postcode of all petitioners.
  • Have the details of the specific request / matter appear on each page of the petition.
  • Be in legible writing or typewritten.
  • Be respectful and not contain any offensive language.
  • State that the petition may be placed onto the public record.