Pet adoption terms and fees

Sale terms

Before you adopt a new pet into your family we want to make sure it is suitable for you. We conduct pre-sale interviews to ask about your lifestyle and talk about adopting a new pet.

Be sure to bring the following information with you when you visit:

  • photo identification – your drivers licence or 18+ card
  • agreement from your landlord or real estate agent saying you can have a pet (if you are renting).

Before you take your new pet home you will need to:

  • bring in other dogs you own to the Animal Management Centre to meet the new dog and make sure they get along
  • bring along family members who will live with the new pet to make sure the pet is suitable.

We may inspect your property to make sure the animal's enclosure is suitable.

All cats and dogs for sale have been:

  • de-sexed
  • temperament-tested
  • health checked
  • microchipped
  • wormed
  • vaccinated (first needle)
  • heartworm tested (dogs only)
  • hydrobathed (dogs only) and
  • registered until 31 August (cats and dogs).

Please note that we will decline an application to adopt an animal if we deem it is unsuitable.

Sale fees

Animal Fee
Male or female dog $335.00
Male or female kitten – less than one year old $200.00
Male or female cat – one to five years old $120.00
Male or female cat – a senior cat over five years old $50.00