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Combustible Cladding & Non-Conforming Building Products

Non-Conforming Building Products

Non-conforming building products (NCBPs) are materials used in construction, including Combustible Cladding, that do not meet Australian Standards or are not fit for their intended use.

In June 2017, the Queensland Government established the Non-conforming Building Products Audit Taskforce to investigate potential risk associated with suspected combustible cladding possibly used on specific government and privately owned buildings constructed or renovated between 1994 and now.

On 24 August 2017, legislation addressing NCBPs was passed by the Queensland Parliament and commenced on 1 November 2017. As a result of the new legislation the Qld Building and Constuction Commission Act will now include the regulation of

  • building products to ensure the safety of the general public and consumers
  • persons involved in the production, supply and/or installation of building products and will hold persons responsible for the safety of the products and their use.

Who will investigate and regulate the use of Non-Conforming Building Products in Logan?

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) will investigate allegations of non-conforming building work.

What to do if you suspect a building in Logan may contain Non-Conforming Building Products (including Combustible Cladding)?

  • The QBCC will collect evidence provided by you, and provide appropriate guidance - refer via email

If you require further information regarding Non-Conforming Building Products (including Combustible Cladding)?

Call QBCC on 139 333 or check the QBCC website.