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Driveways & Crossovers

The construction and maintenance of residential driveways and crossovers within the road reserve (over the nature strip from the property alignment to the kerb and channel, edge of bitumen or gravel road) and within a resident's own property is the responsibility of the property owner.

Industrial driveways are generally assessable and require an operational works permit. Contact (07) 3412 5269 for more information.

Residential driveways require Council approval and must be constructed in accordance with the following policy, specifications and drawings.

Please note: It is important that driveways adhere to the specification and plans provided, in particular driveway slopes, to avoid problems such as stormwater runoff and to maintain the corridor for pedestrians or future footpath construction.

Residential driveways (kerb and channel exists on the block frontage)

Council will assess the application and advise on driveway suitability. No inspection or fee is required by Council.

Pipe crossovers (kerb and channel does not exist on the block frontage)

Where roads are constructed with no kerb and channelling there is likely to be a depression in the road verge to drain away stormwater to protect the bitumen area of the roadway. This type of construction, which is common in rural areas, sometimes makes it difficult to gain access onto a property.

To assess the pipe size and best location for the crossing Council need to undertake an inspection on-site and advise the property owner of the assessment outcome. The inspection and a post construction inspection have an associated fee of $364*. Once the fee has been paid Council will forward standard drawings to the property owner.

The property owner will be requested to clearly mark the preferred driveway location. The inspector will assess the location where the crossing has been requested and liaise with the property owner on the location and the appropriate size and format. The property owner can then proceed to have the driveway constructed. Once this has been completed the property owner is to notify Council of the completion of the works. A final inspection will be undertaken to ensure that the work has been done in accordance with the specified requirements.

Any reinspections required to achieve compliance with the specified requirements will attract a $168* reinspection fee.

Further information

Contact Council's Road Infrastructure Planning Branch on (07) 3412 5282 for more information.