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Fact Sheets & Information

The building approval process

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission provides advice on building and renovating, including all of the key steps in the process.

Council also provides a diagram (PDF 157 KB) to illustrate the process for both accepted and assessable development.

How to obtain a building approval (PDF 173 KB)

This fact sheet discusses:

The fact sheet also includes a table of the types of building works which require an approval.

How to finalise a building or plumbing approval

This fact sheet discusses how you may be able to finalise a building or plumbing approval which has not previously had a final inspection.

Swimming pool safety - decommissioning a swimming pool

This fact sheet provides guidance on how to decommission and remove swimming pools and spas from private properties, as an alternative to complying with the pool safety standards.

Certificate of classification

This fact sheet explains:

  • what is a Certificate of Classification
  • how to search for a Certificate of Classification or obtain one
  • display requirements for buildings
  • consequences of occupying or using a building without a Certificate of Classification

Further information is also available at the Department of Housing and Public Works.

Shipping containers

This fact sheet discusses what approvals may be required for a shipping container, and criteria that Council will use in assessing a development application.

Retaining walls

This fact sheet provides information on retaining walls.

Domestic OutbuildingsThis fact sheet provides information on Domestic Outbuildings (Class 10a Buildings).
Mediation The state government offers mediation, which helps people to settle disputes without going to court. Taking part in mediation can save time, legal fees and court costs for you and the community.
Fencing disputesDividing fences are a common cause of disputes between neighbours. By following some key steps, you can ensure you and your neighbour are happy with the construction and maintenance of your dividing fence, work through problems together, and avoid legal disputes.
Building Compliance Notices

As a local authority, Council is responsible for investigating matters relating to legislative compliance for building in the City of Logan.  An investigation may result in one or both of the following notices being issued if Council reasonably believes a breach has occurred: