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Information for Building Certifiers

Council keeps records of building approvals and associated certification documents for approvals issued in the City of Logan, so that this information can be made available for inspection and purchase to those authorised to do so (e.g. current and future property owners). To facilitate this, private building certifiers are required to lodge copies of building application and approval documents, for both domestic and commercial work, with Council.

Please use the buttons below (one-time registration is required) for online lodgement of:

  • Notice of Engagement (by itself, no fees applicable)
  • Building Application/approval documentation (including forms, plans, decision (and Notice of Engagement if not lodged previously)). Please note:
    • Credit card payment is required at this stage - a flat fee of $88 applies.
    • All documents must be ready to upload (as PDFs).
  • other documents including inspections, finals, discontinuance/lapse. Please note:
    • The Other Documents button will present a search screen in Council's online services platform - please locate your application, click on it and use the Submit Response button to upload the relevant documents.
    • Please submit notices of discontinuance and lapsing against the Notice of Engagement.
    • Please submit inspections and certificates/finalisation documentation against the Building Application.

What to lodge (required building approval records)

The particular building approval documents which a building certifier must lodge with Council include:

  • the building application and associated documentation (DA form 2)
  • notice of engagement (Form 56)
  • the decision notice (Form 6)
  • final inspection certificate (Form 21) or certificate of classification (Form 11)
  • a copy of the plans, drawings and specifications and other stamped approved documents
  • other documents, including a list of required fire safety installations and required special fire services applying to the building work, certificates relied on to decide the application and information relied on to decide the application in relation to local government easements, encumbrances or estates or interests in land likely to be relevant to the application.

The requirements and forms can be found at the Department of Housing and Public Works website.

It is important that these documents are lodged with Council within the legislated timeframes, to ensure the ongoing integrity of available records for the benefit of the community.

How to lodge


Council offers private building certifiers the option of lodging building approval documentation through an online service. This includes notice of engagement, building application/approval documentation (including decision notices, plans) and finals (inspections, certificates); notices of disengagement may also be lodged electronically.

Note: please use email ( to lodge amendments.

New users: please complete a New user registration form. Please note that it may take 1-3 business days to complete this process; urgent documentation may be lodged by email if required:

Existing users: if you have already registered to use Council's online services, please sign in. Once signed in please use:

  • Application Lodgement - to access the online forms for notice of engagement or building application as applicable.
  • Application Enquiry - to access a search to locate previously lodged applications against which you can upload subsequent documents using the Submit Response button. For example:
    • find and click on your previously lodged notice of engagement in order to upload a discontinuance or lapse notice;
    • find and click on your previously lodged building application in order to upload inspections and certificates etc.

Please have all documents ready to upload (as PDFs) prior to commencing your lodgement. When lodging the building application and approval documentation, payment by credit card is required.

By email

You may lodge this documentation anytime at our email address:

By post

Please send documentation to PO Box 3226, Logan City DC Qld 4114

In person

You may also supply the documents to Council over the counter at Logan Central, Beenleigh or Jimboomba.

Lodgement fees

Archival fees for certification document lodgement

Fee is applicable to each approval - including demolition applications. No fee applicable to amendments.

On-line lodgements (all classes - Residential & Commercial)Each approval$85.00
Class 1 & 10 Residential (non-online/hardcopy) lodgementsEach approval$146.00
Class 2 to 9 Commercial (non-online/hardcopy) lodgementsEach approval$274.00

Fees apply at the application / decision stage. The fees associated wtih the lodgement of this documentation can be found in Council's schedule of fees and charges (certification document lodgement). There are no fees associated with the lodgement of notices of engagement or for final inspections, certificates.

Discounts for Online Lodgement

Please note that Council encourages the use of Online Services and offers a discounted flat fee (for both domestic and commercial work) of $85 for applications lodged via this platform.