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Information for Real Estate Agents and Solicitors

Council has a wealth of information which can assist professionals in the industry involved in the property transaction process. 

Understanding a property and its value in the market

Council's free Planning and Development Online search service is a great way for getting an informal overview of the property and the surrounding area. For example, you can:

  • find recent development applications made and approvals given in the past month
  • search the current status of a development application
  • see the zoning and planning constraints affecting the property

By undertaking these preliminary checks, you will ensure that the zoning and other general property information you provide to customers is accurate.

At the point of sale, purchasers are always encouraged to conduct formal searches through Council prior to settlement. To ensure that your client or customer receive search results within the desired timeframes, please note Council's standard processing timeframes when advising your client.

How we can help to establish, expand or relocate a business in Logan city

Whether your client is looking at starting a new business, expanding an existing business or relocating a business to Logan City, contact the Logan Office of Economic Development, which can provide information and advice about:

  • Investment opportunities
  • Confidential site selection service
  • Up to date economic and demographic information

We recommend that you also have a look at Logan's economic profile and future growth potential.

Evaluating the development potential of land

Council can assist you to understand whether a property can be used for a particular purpose in accordance with its planning scheme. For example, a prospective purchaser may be interested in buying a property in a commercial centre to establish a business or shop.

For advice on whether a development approval may be required, and the potential costs involved, please see Development in Logan.

Alternatively, you could make an application for a planning and development certificate to determine whether there are any existing approvals which may authorise or affect future use or development of land.