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Council repairs and maintains all earth, asphalt and concrete footpaths within road and drainage reserves. This maintenance activity includes the repair of any footpath defects that could constitute a safety hazard to pedestrian traffic.

To report any issues with the repair and maintenance of footpaths, please contact Road Construction & Maintenance on 07 3412 5436 or email

Council is responsible for cutting grass in all non-residential areas within the roads and drainage reserves. The purpose of grass cutting is to provide safe, aesthetically appealing and functional road and drainage reserves for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. In peak growing conditions grass is cut every ten days to four weeks, depending on the priority and use of the location.

Unless extreme circumstances apply, Council does not mow residential footpaths. The mowing of footpaths in an urban area should be carried out by residents.

Enquiries regarding the mowing of footpaths on Council roads should be directed to Parks on 07 3412 3412 or email

For grass control within a park or nature reserve, please contact Parks on 07 3412 3412 or email

For overgrown vacant allotments, please contact Council on 07 3412 5269.

Gardens on footpaths

Council is responsible for ensuring road verges are maintained for the safe passage of pedestrians. Council also encourages verge beautification and undertakes tree-planting schemes.

Council does permit gardens on footpaths if they are constructed in accordance with:

Complete the application online or download the Resident Gardens on Footpaths Application Form (PDF 134 KB) or the Artificial Turf on Footpaths Application Form (PDF 180 KB)

If you are unable to comply with the guidelines, please contact Council's Road Infrastructure Planning Branch on 07 3412 5282 for more information.

Request a new footpath

Requests for new footpath will be considered in conjunction with other known priorities across the network, taking into consideration items such as:

  • Potential usage
  • Providing access and inclusion for all
  • Completing missing footpath links to achieve a connected and purposeful network

To request the construction of a new footpath, you could contact your councillor or contact Council's Road Infrastructure Delivery Branch on  07 3412 4551 or email