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Chambers Flat Road Upgrade - Mount Lindesay Highway to Kings Way

Council is planning to upgrade a 3.8 kilometre section of Chambers Flat Road from Mount Lindesay Highway, Munruben to just north of Kings Way, Chambers Flat.

The upgrade will provide a safer, more resilient transport link for the area. It will involve the following works:

  • Widening the road to accommodate wider 3.5m traffic lanes (while remaining as a two-lane road) and 3m wide sealed shoulders. Wider road shoulders will allow residents to move out of the main traffic path when decelerating and turning into driveways.
  • Improving flood immunity along the road corridor by raising the road level and constructing a new bridge over Norris Creek up to eight metres higher than the existing level.
  • Enhancing sight distances at bends and crests to meet established safe road design standards.
  • Improving intersections to facilitate safer turning movements and enhance traffic flow. This includes providing dedicated turning lanes at Kings Way and Greenvale Road.
  • Installing new road pavement and more efficient road drainage structures.

Detailed design of the upgrade has been completed. The design meets the requirements of Council’s Planning Scheme and national Austroad standards for a rural arterial road.

The timing of construction of the Chambers Flat Road upgrade is subject to final project approvals and funding. However, some early works may commence in 2019/2020. Information will be provided to affected residents and motorists before works begin.

Proposed works plans are available for viewing below:

Proposed intersection designs are available for viewing below:

An indicative flythrough is available for viewing below:

Please note, the surrounding environment is not shown in the flythrough.

Further information

For further information, please contact 07 3412 4551 or email