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Buying or Subdividing

The information below will assist with projects that involve buying a property in Logan, subdividing or otherwise reconfiguring properties (e.g. amalgamating, realigning boundaries, creating easement for access to roads etc.).

Buying a house / property in Logan

When buying a house or property some things to consider include:

  • What zone the property is in and if any overlays (constraints) apply.  Refer to the Property Report tool in the Logan PD Hub to search for a property and print a report of zoning and overlay information (including any applicable local plans).
  • What zone the neighbouring blocks are in, to identify what could be done (built, developed) next door, or down the street (use the Logan PD Hub).
  • If the house has building and plumbing approvals (refer to Building and Plumbing Information Sheet).
  • If there are any approvals nearby that have not commenced, to determine what is going to be built / developed in the neighbourhood.  Use the Development Enquiry function in the Logan PD Hub, or PD Online to conduct a Development Enquiry.
  • Further helpful information about buying or selling a property in Logan.

Subdividing (reconfiguring a lot)

Reconfiguring a Lot includes:

  • Creating lots by subdividing another lot,
  • Amalgamating 2 or more lots,
  • Boundary realignment, and/or
  • Creating an easement giving access to a constructed road.

To determine if a particular property may be subdivided, the area of the lot and applicable zone, precinct and local plan need to be identified.

  • Please use the Property Report tool in the Logan PD Hub - locate the property of interest and obtain a property report for the Logan Planning Scheme 2015.  Alternatively, you can use the Planning Enquiry tool in the Logan PD Hub to select a property, select an activity (in this case Reconfiguring a Lot) and receive a report which outlines the criteria triggering the need for a development application (where applicable). The report also lists applicable development codes from the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 and other selected considerations (e.g. minimum and average lot sizes, access widths, minimum frontages).
  • The Reconfiguring a Lot Fact Sheet (PDF 63 KB) includes the criteria for impact assessment (involving public notification), and minimum lot sizes in different zones (including the required average lot sizes and whether or not rear lots are permitted).

Reconfiguring a lot is either code assessable or impact assessable, both of which require a development application to be lodged with Council. Infrastructure charges will apply where development increases demand on trunk infrastructure, and are generally payable before approval of the plan of subdivision.

Please refer to Council's checklist of subdivision project costs to help identify all potentially applicable fees and charges - the document is provided as a downloadable spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel format) where applicable information can be entered and formulae are used to calculate an estimated total cost.

Development in Logan provides more information about determining the zone and overlays for a property of interest and the required development application and fees.