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Application Lodgement

Logan City Council encourages online lodgement of development and plumbing applications, where approval is required by Council under the relevant legislation (Planning Act 2016, Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018, Building Act 1975). Please use the button below to sign in, and then select Application Lodgement and choose the relevant type of application (e.g. development, building works, plumbing and drainage). You will be prompted to enter the property details, upload the correctly completed forms and supporting documents, and pay the required fee (via credit card or, for some applications, by requesting a notice of account).


If you have not previously registered for Council's online services, please use the button below, noting that it may take 1-3 business days to complete the one-time registration process. It is recommended that if you need to lodge multiple different types of applications or want to complete other services online (e.g. for rates, animals), you select "General Customer" as the customer type.


Applications may alternatively be lodged in person or via post (see Contact Council for office locations, opening hours and postal address details) or via email: (Note: Email excludes plumbing online lodgements)

For further information about application lodgement please refer to the details below, or contact Council's contact Council's planning and development team.

Forms and supporting documents

There are different forms and supporting content required for different types of applications. Please see:

  • the section below for Development Applications; or
  • Plumbing & Drainage (look under "Lodging applications, notifications & certificates" for the requirements for different types of work); or
  • Information for Building Certifiers (for notice of engagement, building applications and related documents).


Most online application types limit the number and size of attachments you can upload (this varies based on the application type and your internet connection). If you have additional attachments, or they are of significant size, please lodge the application online with the basic forms attached and contact Council (email or to arrange an alternative upload location for the remaining/larger files. Please include a description with each attachment to enable more efficient processing of your application.

Development applications

Development assessment in Queensland is governed by the requirements of the Planning Act 2016 (PA). For all types of development, the following are required:

  1. The appropriate current DA Forms (Queensland Government - please see the table below for specific information relating to different types of development, and ensure that the current version of the form is used).
  2. The application fee.
  3. Supporting documentation, as specified on the forms. Generally this includes plans, statements outlining how the proposal meets the relevant codes, plus any specific requirements based on the types of development. Please refer to the table below and ensure that specific instructions about the preparation of plans (provided on the DA Forms) are followed.

Please note the following considerations:

  • Properly Made: please refer to Council's Lodgement and Properly Made Applications Fact Sheet (PDF 42 KB) to ensure the requirements of the legislation are met and the assessment can proceed efficiently.
  • Neighbours: obtaining neighbours' consent is a useful exercise when preparing a development application. It ensures that neighbours are aware of what is being proposed and also provides evidence to Council that neighbours do not object to the proposal. Use the Neighbours Comments Form (PDF 55 KB) if applicable.
  • Council's free pre-lodgement service is available, and enables you to discuss a proposed development with Council officers before lodging an application.
Type of Development/UseType of application required (under PA)Applicable forms

Dwelling House

Secondary Dwelling / Auxiliary Unit

Material Change of Use (MCU)

(Start of a new use on the premises, re-establishment of a use that was abandoned, or a material change in the intensity or scale of the use)

DA Form 1 - Development application details (for Dwelling House, Secondary Dwelling or Auxiliary Unit)

DwellingHouse and Dual Occupancy (Auxiliary Unit) Assessment Checksheet (PDF 634 KB)

Dual Occupancy

(two dwellings on one lot for separate households; e.g. duplex)

Material Change of Use

DA Form 1 - Development application details

Home Based BusinessMaterial Change of UseDA Form 1 - Development application details

Residential additions

(Additions and/or alterations to residence / Carport / shed)

Building Works assessed against the Planning Scheme (BWAP)

DA Form 2 - Building work details

DwellingHouse and Dual Occupancy (Auxiliary Unit) Assessment Checksheet (PDF 634 KB)
Subdivision / Boundary re-alignment

Reconfiguring a Lot (ROL)

[Subdividing, re-arranging boundaries, applying for an access easement]

DA Form 1 - Development application details
Advertising DeviceOperational WorksDA Form 1 - Development application details
Driveway CrossoversOperational WorksDA Form 1 - Development application details
Changing a develompent approvalChange ApplicationChange Application Form
Extending a development approvalExtension ApplicationExtension Application Form

Fees and payment


The required application fees must be paid when you lodge your application. If you lodge online, you will be prompted to enter the required fee for your application. To determine the applicable fee, please use the Development Fees Estimator in the Logan PD Hub. The Estimator produces a report that can be downloaded (as a PDF) and attached to your application if required to explain the fee amount entered. You may also refer to Council's fees and charges schedule.

If a discount is applicable, please attach relevant supporting documentation to your application (for example you are a charity or have negotiated a discount as part of pre-lodgement engagements with Council).


As part of the lodgement transaction you can choose to pay via:

  • credit card, in which case you will be subseqently prompted to enter your card details; or
  • notice of account, which will be emailed to the email address you have entered (as part of your applicant details), and includes BPAY details (for payment using a savings or cheque account).

Please note that payment is taken to have been made on the day it was received by Council, which with BPAY may be up to 2 days after the transaction, unless a transaction receipt is provided to Council (this can be done via My applications - please refer to the information below).

You can make an online payment for an application via credit card after lodgement (via any method) if you have the payment reference details from the Notice of Account issued to you by Council. No additional fees apply for this type of payment.

My applications (previously lodged)

To review applications you have previously lodged please:

  • Sign-in and access the relevant Application Enquiry in Council's online services portal:
  • These application enquiry services may also be used to make responses to an application, for example:
    • to add subsequent documentation if the application is not properly made (e.g. something you may have forgotten to attach when you lodged the application, or proof of payment such as a BPAY transaction record); or
    • to respond to an Information Request issued by Council.
  • Refer to PD Online - Application Enquiry, and search for the application using the number or advanced search options (e.g. date range, application type, property address). No sign-in is required.
  • Other types of applications (e.g. property information searches, letters of advice) are also accessible - see Application Enquiries (noting you will need to sign in to see/access all options).

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

The table below provides responses to common scenarios and frequently asked questions relating to the online lodgement of applications with Logan City Council.

Question / IssueResponse / Recommended action
1. When I choose 'New Application' I can't see the application type I want.

Some types of applications require you to be a registered user and to sign in (see the buttons at the top of this page). After you have successfully signed in, the applications relevant to your account will be presented.

If you do not see the application types you need, you may need to change the customer type under which you have registered. Please sign in and then select Edit Registration from the Registration menu.

There are some types of applications which can't be lodged online - these can be emailed to for development applications, or otherwise

2. After I submitted my application, it gave me a "Multi-Item Request Submission" page. I thought I only lodged one?At the bottom of the last page in the online lodgement process (where you confirm everything and accept the terms and conditions), if you select/press the "Add to Cart" button rather than the "Next" button, you will see the Multi-Item Request Submission page (even if you've only lodged one application). Provided that page lists the correct type of application (under Transaction Type, with a number in the Identifier column), no further action is required - your application will have been lodged successfully.
3. The Transaction Reference I received after I lodged my application is not the same format as other application numbers I've seen before.The Transaction Reference can be used to find your application if required, however when you receive further correspondence from Council about your application, that will have the regularly-formatted application number on it. If the application number has an usual prefix (e.g. "16PA" for development applications, or "1PD" for plumbing and drainage applications), that means it is not properly made (e.g. may be awaiting payment). When the application becomes properly made it will adopt its 'official' application number (e.g. MCU/156/2018, PD/147/2018).
4. I have too many attachments, or they seem to be too large (they're not uploading properly).

If you are having trouble uploading your attachments, or if you have more attachments than the available spaces, please lodge your application with what you can successfully upload (as a minimum, this needs to be your application forms and plans). When you receive the application submission page, copy or note the Transaction Reference (or export/screen shot the page), and then email it, with the remaining attachments, to for development applications, or otherwise

If your attachments are too large to email, you can upload them to a shareable storage facility (e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive, GoogleDocs) and then include the link in your email to Council. If you do not have access to such a facility, specify that in your email so that Council can make alternative arrangements.

5. Do I have to pay when I lodge the application?

It depends on the type of application. Some applications will include payment (via credit card) as part of the transaction, and other applications will allow you to choose to pay with a credit card, or request a Notice of Account (which will include BPAY details).

If you choose to pay via credit card, there are no additional costs (i.e. Council absorbs the merchant service fee), and there is an option to request a receipt. If you choose to request a Notice of Account, Council will email this to you, generally within 1-2 business/working days of your lodgement. Your application will not be processed until Council becomes aware that the payment has been made (the fastest way to do this is is to email your BPAY receipt to for development applications, or otherwise

6. Can I check on my application after I've lodged it?

When you sign-in to the online services portal, you can use the Application Enquiry option to review applications you have previously lodged (development applications, building works applications or plumbing and drainage applications).

You can also access an enquiry list for Development Applications currently on public notification.

7. I've lodged my application but forgot to upload something or loaded the wrong version of one of the attachments.Once you have lodged your application you can add extra detail if required (e.g. to respond to an Action Notice or Information Request). If you need to add something to a recently lodged application and are unable to do that online, please email it to Council and include appropriate details (e.g. application number, property address) and instructions so that the right application can be identified, and the document can be uploaded in addition to what was previously supplied, or to replace information that was previously supplied.