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Development Journey

The development journey is a six step process for developers to assist in their application enquiries with Logan City Council.

Pre-lodgement advice

Prior to lodging an application, customers may seek advice regarding pre-lodgement meetings, letters of advice, overlay advice certificates, generally in accordance requests, fees and charges, superseded planning scheme requests and general enquiries.

Development applications

Some development in the City of Logan, depending on where it is occurring and what type of development it is, requires a development application to be lodged with Council for assessment. This page provides information on that process, application types, compliance assessments, change applications, extension applications, exemption certficates, condition certificates, standard conditions, fact sheets, RiskSmart and other streamlined services.

Operational works

After receiving a development approval for a Material Change of Use or Reconfiguring a Lot, an Operational Works application may be required. This application is for work relating to the development such as excavating and filling, clearing vegetation, infrastructure work, landscaping and driveway crossovers. This stage also includes information on standard specifications, SEQ Design and Construction Code and stormwater quality and vegetation clearing.

Operational works construction

Once an Operational Works approval is given, works may commence on the site. This Operational Works construction stage includes information on pre-start meetings, as-constructed drawings, bonding and street naming.

Plumbing & drainage

This stage of the development journey involves plumbing and drainage works (both domestic and commercial). It also includes information on obtaining approvals, inspections, as constructed plans and on-site sewerage facilities. The Plumbing and Drainage Stage occurs prior to Plan Sealing where a proposed development has a building involving plumbing and drainage or retains an existing dwelling.

Plan sealing

A plan of subdivision is required to be lodged with Council for "plan sealing" approval prior to registration with the State Government's Titles Registry.

For further information, please contact a planner about the development journey.