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Development Application Public Notification

Development applications which are impact assessable (the highest level of assessment) must provide the opportunity for public comment prior to a decision about the development being made by Council.  This is achieved through a public notification process which must be carried out in accordance with Queenland planning legislation.

For more information, please refer to the sections below, or see the Development Application Submissions Fact Sheet  (PDF 40 KB), or contact a planner.

Public Notification Process

The public notification process starts within 20 days after earlier steps of the assessment process which apply to the application have been completed, in accordance with the Development Assessment Rules under the Planning Act 2016.  For any particular application this could relate to the application being confirmed as properly made, or a response to an information request being submitted, or a referrral assessment period starting.

When the public notification period commences, a notice about the proposed development must be made publicy available by:

  • placing a sign on the land, being clearly visible from the road;
  • sending a notice to adjoining owners; and
  • placing an advertisement in at least one local newspaper.

The public notification period must last for at least 15 business days.  During this time a person other than the applicant may make a submission to the assessment manager (Council) about the proposed development.  The submission may be objecting to or in support of the proposed development.

Making a submission (objecting or supporting an application)

For Council to take a submission into account, and in order for the submtter to have appeal rights under Schedule 1 of the Planning Act 2016, the submission must be properly made. To be properly made a submission must:

  • be made in writing to Council (via the options below) and be signed by each person making the submission;
  • be received by Council during the public notification period for that application (on or before the last day);
  • include the name (first and surname) and full residential or business (street) address of each person making the submission;
  • include the application details and state the reasons for the submission (grounds, facts, circumstances relied upon); and
  • include a postal  or electronic address for each person making the submission, for service relating to the submission.

A submission on a development application currently on public notification can be made:

Please note:

  1. In accordance with Queensland's Planning Act 2016, development application information, including submissions received by Council, is available for public scrutiny and can be accessed on Council's website.
  2. In making a submission online (electronically) you agree that it has the same status as if it had been made via other means (e.g. handing in a signed letter over the counter), and you accept that Council may correspond with you online / electronically in relation to that submission.

Applications currently on notification

To review a list of development applications currently on notification, please see

Public Notification List

This list will display all impact assessable applications for which Logan City Council is the assessment manager, where the applicant has advised Council that public notification has commenced.   Basic information about each application is available, and a submission (objecting or supporting) can be made online.  If you have observed a current notice of proposed development on a property, and that application is not listed, please contact a planner.

Further information about a development application which is on public notification, including the proposed plans, can be obtained:

  • using the Development Enquiries function in PD Online; or
  • by viewing the application at the Planning, Plumbing and Building counter at Council's Administration Centre.